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Zadig & Voltaire, last This is Her No Rules


Zadig & Voltaire, last This is Her No Rules
Zadig & Voltaire, last This is Her No Rules

This Is Her! No Rules, a wind of freedom is blowing at Zadig & Voltaire!

Zadig & Voltaire is a luxury brand like no other … If the brand radiates a certain elegance, it does not hesitate to be daring and to be a bit nonchalant and rebellious. Its perfume This Is Her is also a perfect testimony to this ambition.

Its advertising portrays a couple with a rock and chic attitude, in a Haussmannian apartment in the heart of which reigns a raw light. The atmosphere plays on contrasts and it seems that it is precisely this balance that capsizes the hearts of the young Parisian generation! Today, Zadig & Voltaire has therefore decided to repeat the experience and reveal a new variation of its fragrance: This Is Her! No Rules.

This Is Her! No Rules is wrapped in a delicious sweetness

More than ever, with This Is Her! No Rules , the house of Zadig & Voltaire clearly plays the card of gluttony. Its scent takes on an airy freshness of bergamot and pear. These fruits give it an extreme dynamism and a very appreciable sweetness during a hot summer day. Jasmine also illuminates this start with a solar sensation. This Is Her! No Rules is a juice filled with tenderness, almost as carnal as the morning dew. Then, his heart wins in greed. He dares an irresistible combination of chestnut, whipped cream and vanilla. Orange blossom gives the whole a more Mediterranean flavor. Finally, preserving all its smoothness at its base, This Is Her! No Rules ends with notes of sandalwood and cashmere.

Behind her rebellious appearance, the Zadig & Voltaire woman undeniably has a generous heart. She is a free woman, flying with her own wings, and turning to a sunny elsewhere.

The new military decor of This Is Her! No Rules

Another element diametrically different from the previous This Is Her: the bottle of This Is Her! No Rules. This one has retained the shape of its elder. On the other hand, its color has been totally transformed. This Is Her! No Rules takes a fairly simple form and appears to be a fairly clean glass cube. However, it has a rather surprising detail: one of its sides is not as smooth as the others. It thus seems to have been cut directly from the rock. In reality, don’t think this is a random sculpture. This Is Her! No Rules is specifically designed to mesh perfectly with its male counterpart .

Thus, the two perfumes of Zadig & Voltaire no longer form one and the same entity, like two perfectly complementary juices. The decoration of its bottle has been completely revised by the Penninghen school, specializing in interior architecture. The establishment has chosen to integrate a military motif on the walls of This Is Her! No Rules, as if to symbolize the rebellion that lies dormant in the Zadig & Voltaire woman. On the soft side, this mesh is adorned with pink touches matching the cap of This Is Her! No Rules, a little touch of femininity that makes all the difference!

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