Yves Saint Laurent, the perfume for men


Yves Saint Laurent, the perfume for men
Yves Saint Laurent, the perfume for men

Pour Homme, a decisive fragrance for the Yves Saint-Laurent house

Pour Homme is a particularly striking fragrance in the history of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Indeed, it is the first male creation of this exceptional designer. Consequently, it sticks perfectly to the image we have of the sign. Initially, Pour Homme was even a perfume that had been composed for Yves Saint-Laurent himself in 1968. It therefore sticks as closely as possible to his personal tastes and his way of perceiving masculinity.

After having carefully kept this essence by his side for three years, Yves Saint Laurent decided to offer it to all men, not hesitating to pose naked in front of the lens of photographer Jean-Loup Sieff for the first marketing of this product. . Pour Homme is all at the same time: a personal creation, the source of a scandal, a great classic of male perfumery, and a manifesto of beauty according to Yves Saint-Laurent.

The fresh and elegant masculinity of YSL Pour Homme

But ultimately, what could Yves Saint-Laurent’s personal tastes be in terms of perfumery? Pour Homme is a delicate and very elegant fragrance, which first reveals its freshness in a blend of citrus fruits. It takes off on a breath of lemon, bergamot and petitgrain. The mint further reinforces the liveliness of this start. Then, Pour Homme gradually became more aromatic. Its heart of lavender, thyme, and rosemary smells of the Mediterranean. A more peppery and spicy elegance joins this trio. This charismatic breath is brought by a mixture of nutmeg and carnation. Finally, Pour Homme ends with a more vibrant and masculine background. It asserts its sophisticated masculinity in a blend of oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and vetiver.

Yves Saint Laurent - For Men
Yves Saint Laurent – For Men

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For Men YSL

The first masculine fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, revealing the tension between freshness and depth in an advertisement that creates a break and will generate a lot of ink: Yves Saint Laurent nude, photographed by Jeanloup Sieff.

We may not know it yet, but Pour Homme is a manifesto, a political act.
It displays an offbeat sincerity, a form of desire for truth, a quest for the being of beauty and an unveiling in modesty. Yves Saint Laurent reveals himself in his simplicity and his truth exposing his soul more than his body.
The man seen by Saint Laurent wants to be desire and desirable.

A fresh fragrance with an aromatic chypre trail. The head calls for citrus, lemon, petit grain notes, imprints of a touch of mint. All the freshness here is supported by a vibrant base of oak moss which, combined with patchouli, gives masculinity and strength, sophistication and elegance.

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Woody – Chypré – Aromatic

Head note: Lavender, Petit Grain, Bergamot, Lemon.

Heart note: Rosemary, Carnation, Rosewood, Geranium, Marjoram.

Base note: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Vetiver, Cedar.

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