Yves Saint Laurent perfume Leather


Yves Saint Laurent perfume Leather
Yves Saint Laurent perfume Leather

Leather, the rock ‘n’ roll sensuality of Yves Saint-Laurent in a perfume

Caftan, Trench, Caban, Tuxedo, Saharienne… These are the names of the Yves Saint-Laurent perfumes produced in 2015 and echoing the designer’s iconic fashion pieces. All of these five scented creations are grouped together in an olfactory collection called “Le Vestiaire Des Parfums”. Also, in this year 2016, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to expand this range by offering three new juices: Leather, Velvet and Vinyl. Focus on the first of them: Leather, a clever mix of sensuality and impertinence.

The daring unisex fragrance of Yves Saint-Laurent

Leather is a juice intended for both men and women. It releases bold aromas, both elegant and very sensual. Perfectly embodying the image we have of Yves Saint-Laurent fashion , Cuir is not lacking in elegance but adds a rock ‘n’ roll side that fits it like a glove. He depicts the image of a man or a woman in the heart of a Parisian night for a rendering that is as dark as it is fascinating.

The smoky smell of leather

It is to the perfumer Ilias Ermenidis that we owe the Leather fragrance by Yves Saint-Laurent. This one draws its sensuality from the presence of guaiac wood and combines it with an absolutely carnal smoked leather. What’s more, as if to complete this blend of lust, Yves Saint-Laurent has incorporated one of the most prestigious spices in the world: saffron. The whole also opens with a touch of intoxication with rum base while the ginger makes the whole more aphrodisiac than ever. Finally, the whole is also embellished with black tea, osmanthus and tobacco. Leather is a juice unlike any other and which can boast of being a seducer in its own right.

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