YSL Look Scandal Fall 2016


YSL Look Scandal Fall 2016
YSL Look Scandal Fall 2016

Scandal, Yves de Saint-Laurent’s new fall 2016 makeup collection

The end of the summer vacation has already arrived and, even if the sunny days are still there, the fall will not be long in coming its way. This is why the biggest creative houses have already been busy for several months preparing the make-up for this next season. In this sense, Yves Saint-Laurent has just revealed to us what will be the colors of this fall. He announces his next make-up collection as being daring and sassy. He thought of this one in the image of his muse, the attractive Cara Delevigne. The look of the latter is thus declined in the form of multiple products, whether it is varnish, lipstick, blush or eyeliner.

The different products making up the Scandal collection

Yves Saint-Laurent seems to have thought of everything and has taken care of every part of the women’s body to sublimate them with a line of makeup. Your mouth will be delighted to welcome the new Pur Couture The Mats lipstick, a great standard reinterpreted in its most luxurious form, evolving from intense red to more orange shades. Likewise, a brand new product has just emerged …

The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush matte lipstick and blush turns out to be particularly clever. As the name suggests, it can be used as a lipstick as well as a blush. You can then save time and make up your cheeks as well as your mouth using one and the same product. Regarding the look, there too, the style is very couture. Yves Saint-Laurent has assembled eye shadow assortments in boxes containing five matching shades.

The whole is made up more exactly of two light shades and three dark shades, enough to create sublime gradations and highlight your eyes thanks to a subtle play of shadow and light. Likewise, do not hesitate to further enhance this effect with a stroke of Couture Eye Maker. Finally, don’t forget to sublimate your hands with two new nail polishes to complete the La Laque Couture collection. One is water green and is called Fur Green while Vintage Plum is rather purple.

All the audacity of Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent’s new fall 2016 collection is absolutely perfectly anchored in his universe. She reveals to us a new side of the Yves Saint-Laurent woman, a couturier who has never ceased to surprise us throughout his career. This new Scandal collection is one of the most inspiring, offering strong tones and daring shades: emerald green, bronze, plum… So many colors that evoke at a glance the effect of a shimmering fabric. What’s more, the whole thing is not lacking in impertinence, which fits perfectly with the name chosen for this unique makeup range. After all, “why be subtle when you can provoke?”

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