YSL Cinema, be a star, day after day with its perfume


Cinema, be a star, day in and day out
Cinema, be a star, day in and day out

When he founded his fashion house in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent, a very shy person who hides behind his thick dark glasses, is far from suspecting the success that awaits him. Yves Saint Laurent likes to shake up fashion codes, but also conventions. He caused a scandal on several occasions, in particular by posing naked for the advertisement of one of his perfumes. His first perfume, “Rive Gauche”, which came out in 1971, is also an invitation to liberate mores. In 2004, YSL presented “Cinéma , a fragrance that transforms every woman who wears it into a star.

Star for a day … Star for always

“Cinema” plunges us directly into the spotlight, right in the heart of the Croisette. It is there that the most beautiful movie stars are gathered, and the place of the woman “Cinema” is inevitably found here. The red carpet announces the star “Cinema” and this one advances in front of all the public come to admire it … “Cinema” is a fragrance of seduction. It pays homage to each woman, but above all to their beauty, to their power of seduction. “Cinema” is an ode to pleasure and love. The “Cinema” woman is glamorous, she knows she likes her, and she likes to feel the gaze of men on her. The “Cinema” woman is radiant and radiant with happiness, she shines as if she were constantly in the spotlight. The dream,

The luminous notes of Cinema

Floral, sensual and luminous, the fragrance of “Cinema” is a true concentrate of seduction. “Cinema” takes off on the sparkling and fresh notes of Corsican clementine. The latter then combines with the sweetness of the almond blossom and the clarity of the cyclamen. The heart of “Cinema” will be floral and radiate beauty. It is composed of amaryllis, a solar and majestic flower, as well as jasmine and peony. Finally, the base is voluptuous and sensual thanks to the presence of Bourbon vanilla, ambergris, benzoin and white musks. The bottle is sumptuous and also very sensual. It is inspired by a work by Line Vautrin, a Parisian sculptor, emblematic of the 1950s. This sculpture is called “The poetry of metal”. Synonymous with gold and light, the “Cinéma” bottle features a thick and very elaborate glass. Its set of mirrors reveals gold letters on its front face, thus forming the word “Cinema”. Above, its cabochon looks like a thimble of satin gold metal. The “Cinéma” bottle is one of the most luxurious of all the perfumes in the YSL range.

In order for all women to be considered as women, Yves Saint Laurent has created “Cinéma”. Fragrance of seduction, “Cinema” transports us to a world of dreams, brilliance and radiance. Its composition is majestic and its bottle, a true work of art.

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