YSL – Black Opium L’Huile


YSL - Black Opium L'Huile
YSL – Black Opium L’Huile

Black Opium Dry Oil, a new must-have

Since its release in 1977, the Opium fragrance has never ceased to be talked about. This portrays us the image of an elegant woman, quick-witted and a bit nonchalant. Also, in 2014, Yves Saint-Laurent did not hesitate to revisit this great classic to bring it up to date. This then took the name of Black Opium. Like its predecessor, it quickly became a cult. Always surfing on the trend, Yves Saint-Laurent is continuing this legendary saga by declining this time his perfume in the form of a Dry Body and Hair Oil, a new kid on the perfume department which is already on everyone’s lips!

Revisiting the iconic Black Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent

As its name suggests, Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil releases a scent that is reminiscent of the iconic Black Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent. In this case, we find his vibrant, sensual and addictive chiaroscuro game. Its scent starts with a very energizing note of black coffee. Thus, it is a very invigorating product, delivering a dose of adrenaline allowing to brave daily life with intensity. Then, Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil evolves towards a more floral heart. This one is full of orange blossom absolute, an ingredient with very energizing luminosity. Finally, its scent ends with a more intense background. Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil contains in particular woody and resinous tones of cedar as well as the camphoric power of patchouli.

The benefits of Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil

If this Black Opium Oil is particularly appreciated for its smell, we will however note its benefits for the body. In addition, this product helps to hydrate and nourish the skin while caring for the ends of damaged hair. It thus groups together several cosmetics in a single bottle, leaving behind a very pleasant dry and non-greasy feel.

Moisturizing, nourishing, delicately scented and ultra-sensual, dry body oil is definitely all good. This is why women around the world do not hesitate to tear off this little concentrate of well-being. Also, Yves Saint-Laurent understood it well and seems determined to ride the trend. The brand has just launched its brand new cosmetic treatment: Black Opium Dry Body and Hair Oil. As its name suggests, this product is a real concentrate of well-being for the body, delivering the emblematic adrenaline of the olfactory signature of the famous Black Opium perfume.

The story of the Black Opium saga

Before we tell you more about this niche fragrance, how about taking a quick step back and delving into the history of the iconic Black Opium??, It all began in 1977. Indeed, it was at this time that Yves Saint-Laurent developed a perfume in the image of an elegant, chic, quick-witted and slightly nonchalant woman. Opium thus made its appearance while giving rise to its share of controversy. Then, after a huge success, the Yves Saint-Laurent house decided to revisit it in 2014. Black Opium thus appears to be a more modern version of its predecessor. The Yves Saint-Laurent woman nevertheless seems to have changed scenery, still appearing as carefree but more boyish than before. She seems particularly freed from daily constraints and does not hesitate to approach life with a very personal gaze. The Black Opium woman wants to be dangerously contemporary, making her everyday life a constant intoxication. Also, in 2016,

Yves Saint-Laurent’s new Hair and Body Dry Oil

Of course, the new Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oilis reminiscent of the smell of the perfume that bears his name. In this case, it fascinates by its paradox between the bitterness of its coffee beans and the brightness of its white flowers. Its scent opens with a vibrant and very energizing black coffee accord. This immediately depicts the image of a very rock ‘n’ roll woman. Then, Black Opium Dry Body and Hair Oil evolves towards a brighter scent based on orange blossom absolute. Finally, its scent ends with a more woody background. Yves Saint-Laurent Dry Oil gives off captivating and powerful scents of cedar and patchouli. If this treatment is particularly appreciated for its scent, it also has many other benefits. Indeed, it has the property of smoothing and softening the skin while enhancing the hair. Its nourishing texture makes it possible in particular to treat the ends of damaged hair. In addition, this multifunctional product is very popular with female travelers. Indeed, it combines multiple properties in a single bottle. Finally, Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil offers a dry and non-greasy feel, allowing you to put on clothes immediately after application without leaving any traces. Black Opium Hair and Body Dry Oil is indeed a concentrate of practicality combined with an ultimate spell!

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