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Your lips sublimated thanks to the Gloss Volupté by Yves Saint Laurent


Your lips sublimated thanks to the Gloss Volupté by Yves Saint Laurent
Your lips sublimated thanks to the Gloss Volupté by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent is a fashion designer who has dedicated his life to enhancing the natural beauty of women. Having made a name for himself in the field of sewing, he very quickly expanded his business sector to include perfumery. Nevertheless, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand is now also present in the make-up department . Also, among the flagship products of the house, there is one that will make your mouth more attractive than ever … The Gloss Volupté from the Yves Saint-Laurent brand is a real invitation to kiss, a sort of “mouth-to-mouth” of the cosmetics department.

The range of colors of the Gloss Volupté

Yves Saint-Laurent Voluptuous Glossis a real miracle product that will sublimate your lips with a simple swipe. The latter is available in many shades allowing you to match it with all your outfits, all occasions and all seasons. The latter is insolent in brilliance, voluptuous to the extreme and sensual to ecstasy. This is a particularly tempting product that reveals itself in many facets. Sometimes endowed with bright golden colors, sometimes pure but often extravagant, it offers an absolutely breathtaking range of possibilities. What’s more, its coverage varies depending on the number of passes you make during its application. Everything is extremely glossy for a captivating rendering of light. Thus, this product envelops your lips like an elixir of seduction. It covers them with a reflective and radiant color. In addition, he seems capable of attracting men on his own like an irresistible magnet. To be more precise, this star product from the Yves Saint-Laurent house is available in 23 shades. The only real problem with this product is then to choose which one to wear as each of them has strengths.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s expertise at the heart of a gloss

Nevertheless, a kiss would be nothing without full and delicate lips. Thus, the shine of Gloss Volupté immediately makes your mouth gain volume. What’s more, its precious liquid is particularly light, offering a velvety finish as soon as it is applied. Particularly voluptuous, its formula is designed like a balm. Thus, the Gloss Volupté combines shine, lightness and smoothness. What’s more, its wet effect gives a permanent feeling of hydration. Its “Slim” texture is non-greasy and non-sticky. It melts on contact with the lips and provides extreme finesse. Thanks to the Gloss Volupté, a feeling of well-being instantly takes hold of your mouth. Finally, its elegant case is equipped with a patented “mouth-to-mouth” applicator. This has a foam tip in the shape of a kiss. Beyond its very elaborate aesthetic, it delivers the right amount of product, facilitating the application of this gloss. It is deposited in a precise way, covering your lips evenly. Likewise, the whole limits the entry of air into the heart of the fluid so that the latter does not dry out as it is used.

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