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Young Man from Jacadi, the scent of the big boys


Young of Jacadi, the scent of the big boys
Young of Jacadi, the scent of the big boys

Young Man, Eau de Toilette bursting with freshness from Jacadi

Since its beginnings in 1976, the Jacadi brand has offered chic and timeless collections . Initially, it was only a ready-to-wear assortment for children from 0 to 12 years old. Today, Jacadi’s universe is much larger. The brand also offers perfumes. Thus, she offers a complete vision of beauty to her young audience. The idea is to introduce him to the world of smells while making parents happy. Thus, for boys, Jacadi offers an Eau de Toilette called Jeune Homme. Focus on this perfume that smells of the great outdoors.

Young Man’s Eau de Toilette, a real breath of fresh air

Jacadi Young Man Eau de Toilette is a concentrate of freshness. In this sense, it is a fragrance that evokes spring. Yes, but not only… Its perfumed breath also brings to mind a memory of universal childhood: that of a cabin perched high in a tree. L’Eau de Toilette Jeune Homme is as pleasant as an afternoon with friends to climb, explore and discover the world. It smells of the vegetal freshness of childhood, ivy associated with more vibrant wood. Jacadi Young Man Eau de Toilette is for all today’s little Robinson Crusoes. Thus, its breath begins with a fresh and invigorating combination of lemon and bergamot. These very incisive citrus fruits are relayed by a more aromatic heart of tea, clary sage and rhubarb.

The Jacadi perfume bottle focuses on sobriety

On the aesthetic side, the Eau de Toilette Jeune Homme by Jacadi focuses on sobriety. Its bottle is a sort of thick glass cube, a guarantee of refinement and elegance. It is similar to all of the brand’s perfumes. All in transparency, it is simply topped with a gray cabochon. It comes in a blue cardboard box, evocative of the masculine universe. Only a white label is affixed to its front face. It is reminiscent of the brand’s ready-to-wear universe. So all of Jacadi’s skills suddenly seem to be linked.

Young Man’s Eau de Toilette, a real skincare product

Finally, let us note that the Eau de Toilette Jeune Homme by Jacadi respects very strict qualitative criteria. Indeed, the idea is to introduce the youngest to the olfactory world without drying out or irritating their skin. For this, the Eau de Toilette Jeune Homme by Jacadi contains moisturizing agents, thermal water and panthenol. Applied to the skin, this product acts like a real treatment. It protects and soothes continuously while depositing a delicate scented veil. Note that it can also be applied to clothes, hair or the pillow of young boys.

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