Water from the Jardins de Clarins


Water from the Jardins de Clarins
Water from the Jardins de Clarins

Eau des Jardins, all the perfumed expertise of Clarins

Eau des Jardins is a harmonious and fresh fragrance that combines essential oils and plant extracts to deliver aromatic and phytotherapeutic virtues. In short, it combines all of Clarins’ know-how with a freshly energizing scent.

Eau des Jardins, a concentrate of relaxation

Why call a fragrance Eau des Jardins? Well, simply so that it is synonymous with relaxation and harmony. Indeed, many women consider gardening to be one of their favorite pastime. Also, at a time when winter sometimes prevents us from going out, the Eau des Jardins seems to us to be an excellent alternative in order to slip outside. It is a juice made up of multiple benefits. Of course, Clarins has incorporated all its knowledge in aromatherapy into it.

Yes, but not only. Indeed, Eau des Jardins claims its share of chromotherapy, that is to say the action of its color on the mind. Likewise, it is made up of buds and young shoots of plants. However, the latter are recognized for their many qualities in terms of gemmotherapy. Like its predecessors, namely the legendary Eau Dynamisante , or the more recent Eau Ressouçante and Eau Ensoleillante, Eau des Jardins is therefore a concentrate of well-being, for body and soul.

Clarins offers us a breath of fresh air

L’Eau des Jardins opens with fruity and very energizing citrus notes. In this case, this fragrance is composed of essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and orange. Then, everything gives way to a more fruity and sparkling heart. This delivers scents of blackcurrant bud. Its green impression is then prolonged thanks to the contribution of mint and bay leaves. The rose, for its part, reaffirms the elegance and refinement of the whole while the whole evolves towards a rather woody and musky trail. The construction of this perfume is particularly harmonious and its fruity, flowery and green scent will delight lovers of wide open spaces.

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