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Wanted, the perfume synonymous with virility


Wanted, the perfume synonymous with virility
Wanted, the perfume synonymous with virility

Azzaro Wanted, a new Eau de Toilette synonymous with virility

Each of the Azzaro house fragrances is halfway between classicism and modernity, discretion and presence. Indeed, the brand does not hide its ambition to make each of its perfumes timeless and universal. Moreover, she does not hesitate to proclaim loud and clear that “One in three men wears or will wear Azzaro Pour Homme”. This is how the new Wanted Eau de Toilette was also conceived. It is a woody and fresh essence, designed in the image of a hedonistic and determined man. It’s a safe bet that many of you see it as the embodiment of an ideal and cannot resist its perfectly structured scent.

The timeless look of Azzaro Wanted

Also, if the Wanted Eau de Toilette is already described as being a weapon of mass seduction, this is visible from the vision of its bottle. Indeed, it adopts a very sophisticated look and takes the shape of a barrel of a firearm. This one is then worked with a lot of elegance and does not hide its luxurious side. Indeed, the edge of this barrel is endowed with six golden circles acting as prestigious balls … enough to touch the male gender in the heart! Note also that Wanted has made its cabochon its centerpiece. This one is at least as big as its base. All in metallic gray, it is halfway between classicism and modernity. It is then surmounted by an engraving in the name of the sign Azzaro. The gold hue of this one then perfectly echoes its amber juice strongly reminiscent of that of the mythicalAzzaro pour Homme from 1978 . The whole is strikingly beautiful and seems ideally designed to fit in the palm of the hand. Gentlemen, all you have to do then is grab this little scented jewel!

The virile scent of Wanted Eau de Toilette

On the scent side, this translates into just as much elegance. Nevertheless, let us note however that the Eau de Toilette Wanted does not lack temperament. Its scent begins with the fresh and rising presence of lemon. This typical ingredient of fresh waters and originating in the Far East then brings a very energizing aspect to this perfume. What’s more, this effect is further accentuated by the addition of ginger, an herbaceous plant reserved for luxury perfumery, somewhat spicy but just as citrusy. This is when cardamom makes its appearance. This element thus makes Wanted warmer while retaining its vitality. Then, Azzaro focused on more manhood. This is notably introduced by the presence of cade wood, an element worked in a pyrogenic way, raising the temperature and the seductive aspect of the fragrance. Finally, Wanted evolves towards a base based on vetiver, a typical ingredient in men’s perfumery with woody and vibrant scents. It is then that the whole is further softened by the addition of tonka bean, a most sensual ingredient even slightly reminiscent of a vanilla bean.

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