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Wakame Annayake Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream, a protective and nutritious anti-aging cream


Wakame Annayake Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream, a protective and nutritious anti-aging cream
Wakame Annayake Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream, a protective and nutritious anti-aging cream

The Annayake house has a universe which belongs only to her. Drawing its source from Japan, it never ceases to give thanks to its origins. Japanese culture inspires her to make exceptional skincare products, the sole ambition of which is to take care of your skin. Annayake therefore draws the best from the heart of East and West, to offer each woman unique care rituals, in order to feel better and to make time an ally more than an enemy. In this context, Annayake presents a new anti-aging composition: the Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream.

Annayake Wakame Seaweed

To make its Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream, the Annayake brand was inspired by one of the most consumed ingredients in Asia: the Wakame league. This complete active fights against the visible signs of aging, acting on many aspects at the same time. Indeed, it is a raw material rich in many benefits. The Wakame seaweed extract has an overall anti-aging action, in particular by acting against oxidative stress. Day after day, it brightens the complexion, acts as an anti-inflammatory and stimulates the natural production of elastin and collagen. In other words, the Wakame seaweed from Annayake fights against the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin. At the same time, this raw material also improves cell metabolism, so that the skin surface still manages to regenerate itself,

Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream, a formula reduced to the maximum

If Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream is particularly effective, note that it is also very respectful of the skin and the environment. By choice, Annayake decided to move towards a minimalist formula, by reducing the number of ingredients as much as possible. Paraben, silicone, mineral oils, ethanolamine, PEG, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, sulphites, formaldehydes, oxybenzone and nano-particles are completely banned from its formula. Here, only the best is left for your skin and body.

The benefits of Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream

Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Creamapply every day, on a clean and dry skin. In order to fight against daily aggressions, it is recommended to spread it every morning over the entire face and neck. In addition, do not hesitate to use it every evening, to help cell regeneration of your epidermis while you sleep. Continuously, Wakame Multi-Protection Concentrated Cream offers antioxidant protection and strengthens skin resistance. By neutralizing the loss of moisture in the heart of the cells, it also acts in favor of the hydration of the skin, an essential element to preserve its youth and its comfort. Thanks to it, limit the sensations of tightness and envelop yourself in its delicate floral scent of balsam. Much more than a simple treatment,

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