Vital Falls Vitalizing Toner by Valmont


Vital Falls Vitalizing Toner by Valmont
Vital Falls Vitalizing Toner by Valmont

Cleanse your skin with Valmont Vital Falls Invigorating Tonic

Valmont first appeared in 1985. Since that day, “the mission of Valmont cosmetics has been to offer high performance anti-aging treatments”. This large beauty group, now masterfully managed by Didier and Sophie Guillon, has become a real luxury empire, and is recognized around the world for the impeccable quality of its products. However, using anti-aging products is nothing without proper cleansing of the skin. Indeed, this is the number one gesture in terms of preserving the epidermis. This is why Valmont made the Vital Falls Invigorating Tonic .

The importance of cleaning your skin

All dermatologists are unanimous: you have to clean your skin every day, in the morning and in the evening. But do you really know why cleaning is so important? Even if you do not wear makeup, it is a gesture that should never be overlooked. Evening cleansing allows you to remove makeup but also to get rid of the impurities accumulated throughout the day, and in particular pollution residues. It also absorbs excess sebum and thus allows your skin to breathe all night long. Indeed, it is during this period of rest that your skin regenerates best. Just as important is the morning cleaning. However, it is often overlooked. Know that it helps eliminate sebum and impurities rejected by the skin during your sleep, thanks to perspiration. Morning cleansing is therefore used to rid your skin of dirt rejected by your skin, or hanging on your pillowcase. It also prepares the skin to receive the various treatments that you will apply to it, and will only amplify their effects. Finally, it allows to obtain a clearer and fresher complexion.

Purify your face with Vital Falls Vitalizing Tonic from Valmont

Vital Falls Invigorating Tonic is a toning product that brings instant freshness to the epidermis while eliminating the last traces of impurities present on the skin. With a simple press on its push-button, it delivers the right amount of product, and can be used directly with a cotton disc. Valmont Vital Falls Invigorating Tonicdon’t just remove makeup. It also rids the skin of dead cells present on its surface which tend to dull its pretty natural pink color. Valmont Vital Falls Invigorating Tonic also contains rose water. This ingredient provides optimal hydration to the upper layers of the skin. As a result, your face appears more comfortable, and gains in radiance and suppleness. This is an ideal product to help your skin to receive the care that you will apply to it on a daily basis. For optimal effectiveness, Valmont recommends applying its Vital Falls Invigorating Tonic by circular movements on the face and neck, in the morning and in the evening.

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