Versace for Men Dylan Blue


Versace for Men Dylan Blue
Versace for Men Dylan Blue

Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue and its intensely masculine freshness

The news fell a few days ago: Versace is currently launching a brand new men’s fragrance! Also, if you are one of those who have been seduced by the Blue Jeans perfume of the 90s, you will probably be delighted to be able to reclaim a derivative of its fresh and charismatic scent. Indeed, Versace does not shy away from the link between its new perfume and this famous predecessor. So get ready to welcome the new Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue in your bathroom !

Dylan Blue’s look

The new Dylan Blue is barely on our shelves when he is already making a lot of talk for his advertising film, a sort of short film shot by the talented American filmmaker and photographer Bruce Weber. This black and white film then highlights the power of masculinity. He reveals to us men who are both strong and virile but also delicate and tender.

The video then features Versace’s new muse, Gigi Hadid, alongside Trevor Signorino, Alan Jouban, Nic Thompson and Adam Von Rothfelder. Donatella Versace then said of her juice: “I love the way Dylan Blue captures such a world of masculinity. I have always believed that men should be strong, passionate, proud, expressive, without being afraid. It is therefore precisely his vision of virility that we find in all this perfume. It also shows through its bottle. This is displayed as a thick block of glass cut in multiple facets. Beneath its very refined appearance, it rests on a solid foundation. What is more, it contains an extreme refinement illustrated by the golden color present in its center and on its cabochon.

The reinterpretation of an aromatic fern by Versace

For this niche fragrance, Versace has chosen to explore a territory well known in men’s perfumery: that of aromatic fern. Indeed, it is a cult scent of men’s perfumes, nevertheless reworked here with a deep modernity. Like many juices, Dylan Blue begins with a blend of citrus fruits. In addition, it combines the tangy sweetness of bergamot with the bitterness of grapefruit. Fig leaf has also been added to this flight, bringing it more modernity and revealing here all its Mediterranean flavor.

In addition, for more luminosity, Versace has also added aquatic notes to its composition. The heart of Dylan Blue then evolves towards more contrasts. Violet leaf gives it its powdery appearance while patchouli, ambroxan and papyrus accentuate the masculine and structured aspect of this perfume. What is more, let us note that this one clearly displays its impertinence via the presence of black pepper. Finally, it ends with more roundness. It ends with the presence of incense and tonka bean. Musk, meanwhile, gives it more sensuality while saffron increases its prestigious side.

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