Vanilla Sandalwood: the scent of India according to Réminiscence


Vanilla Sandalwood: the scent of India according to Réminiscence
Vanilla Sandalwood: the scent of India according to Réminiscence

Vanille Santal: Reminiscence takes us to the heart of India

Perfumery is constantly reinventing itself and giving birth to new scents to improve our daily lives. To find inspiration, the greatest designers on the planet do not hesitate to travel the globe in search of new raw materials. However, this is precisely what the Réminiscence house is working on . This time, it seems that the brand has decided to take us to India, and reveal the subtly spicy flavors of this colorful country. Its niche fragrance is called Vanille Santal and is as delicious as it is exotic.

Vanilla Santal, a fragrance from the famous “reminiscençade”

The Réminiscence brand is not initially a perfume specialist. In fact, she first made costume jewelry, the stones of which came from all over the world. It was not until several years later that she decided to survey the world in search of fragrant raw materials. There, Réminiscence made a fragrance called Patchouli, considered today as one of the icons of the hippie movement and of the 70s. Building on this success, Réminiscence decided to develop other olfactory “soliflores”, that is to say – say perfumes highlighting a specific scent of perfumery, a unique ingredient sublimated by other raw materials placed in the background. After Patchouli, Musk or Tonka, the focus is now on Vanilla and Sandalwood.

All the spicy richness of vanilla

Let’s start with vanilla, the star ingredient in this perfume. Did you know ? Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid and grows along tree trunks. Very often it grows in dense and humid tropical forests, bathed in sunlight. If vanilla is one of the most widely used ingredients by perfumers, it is quite simply because it is endowed with an exceptional fragrant richness. Depending on the other ingredients that accompany it, vanilla takes on different smells and sometimes becomes more woody, earthy, animal, smoky, sensual, greedy or even powdery.

Sandalwood, the keystone of the Réminiscence fragrance

As in most perfumes, sandalwood is placed here as a base note. However, it occupies a prominent place and deploys all its power. Soft and creamy, it confirms the character of this fragrance while increasing its persistence. It also gives a more powdery side to the vanilla. Vanille Santal de Réminiscence is a warm and seductive fragrance, whose gluttony is further amplified by a contribution of caramel. From then on, it just seems impossible to resist its charm! Some spices also come to spice the whole and give it more pep’s. Undeniably, Vanille Santal de Réminiscence gives off “a sensual and bewitching scent that accompanies you all day long”.

Vanilla Sandalwoodretains the elegant, slightly curved bottle of the Réminiscence brand. For the occasion, he gives us his scent in a capacity of 100 ml.

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