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Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream


Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream
Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream

Cleanse your skin gently with White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream by Valmont

To protect your epidermis from skin aging, it is essential to clean it properly. In fact, in the morning, cleaning the skin surface helps to get rid of dead skin or sebum accumulated during the night. At the end of the day, it eliminates makeup residues and impurities. Without this daily gesture, your skin tends to become dull, to lose its suppleness and its radiance, to become rougher and to appear aging. He breathes less well and the wrinkles get deeper. This is why the White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream was designed. of Valmont. Very gently, it helps you to preserve your face and leaves a veil of tenderness and freshness.

White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream, a cleansing treatment that respects the epidermis

Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Creamis characteristic of the philosophy of this major healthcare brand. Indeed, it displays remarkable efficiency while preserving the comfort and softness of your skin. Non-aggressive, it rids your skin surface of the slightest impurity but preserves its flexibility, radiance and hydration. White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream does not alter the hydrolipidic film of your body. This fluid and cleansing treatment takes the form of a white emulsion, endowed with incomparable smoothness and lightness. Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream combines two simultaneous emulsifying actions. Thus, it eliminates impurities and takes lasting care of your skin. Also know that no makeup can resist it. Finally,

What is an emulsion?

Valmont White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream takes the form of an emulsion. However, do you really know what it is? When we speak of an emulsion, it is simply that an oily agent has been durably linked to another aqueous agent with a view to making a care product. This combination of two materials makes it possible to obtain a texture of milk or cream. To obtain a good emulsion, Valmont has integrated an aqueous phase, an oily phase and an emulsifier into its product. Of course, there are many other care ingredients added to this. The aqueous phase of White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream contains multiple natural active ingredients which are all mainly composed of water. Vegetable oils and butters are also incorporated into the White Falls Fluid Cleansing Cream recipe and are used to preserve skin softness. Finally, the emulsifier binds all these elements together and acts on the consistency of the whole. This results in a cream quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no greasy or sticky residue after its passage.

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