Valentino Uomo the perfume of the beautiful Italian with retro charms


Valentino Uomo the handsome Italian with retro charms
Valentino Uomo the handsome Italian with retro charms

The elegance and Mediterranean naturalness of the Valentino house have been a guarantee of its success since the 1960s when all of Cinecittà scrambled to wear the Italian label. In 2002, Valentino and its founder Valentino Garavani chose to distill their immoderate taste for dolce vita in polymorphous and astonishing fragrances, totally in the image of the unmistakable Italian label. What does this elegant Valentino Uomo have in store for us ? You will have to dive into his universe to discover it …

Valentino Uomo, like a perfume of eternity …

The pretty Valentina was the very first fragrance of the great haute-couture label Valentino. Remarkable and noticed, the beautiful Italian of 2011 knew how to make exist in floral and fruity scents the most beautiful values ​​of the house created by Valentino Garavani in 1960.

By offering a second fragrance this time intended for men, Valentino wishes to repeat his first feat by composing a fragrance that is both extremely modern but also deliciously retro. Valentino Uomo will therefore be designed by Olivier Polge to be a timeless fragrance that links the beauty of the Italian past to the sparkling modernity of the present.

It would therefore seem that Valentino Uomo is particularly intended for these modern dandies with assertive charms but much more interior seduction than the bodybuilder ephebes of the sports perfumes of the moment. Valentino will choose to have Valentino Uomo incarnate by a very “new wave” French actor, Louis Garrel. Because according to Valentino , “Louis Garrel is the Mastroianni of today. He is an actor with a rich and polymorphous experience, perfect to represent Valentino Uomo ”.

Thus visuals and advertising film are imbued with the timeless charm of the French actor but also the sumptuous decor of the birthplace of Valentino, Rome of course. The film will therefore be shot as a tribute to the films of the Italian 1960s. Black and white, like the baroque decor of Italian alleys and palaces, offer an elegant and timeless universe to this man, Valentino Uomo. The charm of La Dolce Vita is still working …

Gourmet modernities and vintage ferns for a chic Valentino Uomo

Mixture of the past and the present, the bottle of Valentino Uomo is chic as a bottle of a rare spirit and brilliant with modernity thanks to these graphic lines. A magnificent bottle which was designed by a master of the genre, the great Donatella Versace .

The magnificent Valentino Uomo opens with a fresh start, and very Italian of course, of bergamot which will be accompanied by a fresh and original touch of anise. Then the heart is warm and spicy thanks to a racy blend of cardamom and black pepper. A note of geranium brings its flowery nervousness. Coffee and cream of gianduja no longer hesitate to delight in this sensual and virile heart to bring it delicacies and sweet delights. A touch of myrtle, however, will sow confusion. Finally, the white leather is delicately musky to better blend in with the woody beauty of cedar wood.

“The woody and slightly smoky structure is quite classic. Citrus fruits also refer to Cologne. But the more fun hook of coffee and gianduja notes (a chocolate-hazelnut spread) shifts everything. »Olivier Polge creator of Valentino Uomo, Valentino.

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