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Valentino perfume Uomo Intense


Valentino - Uomo Intense
Valentino – Uomo Intense

The Italian elegance of Valentino Uomo Intense

Quickly forget the wide and loose cuts of the Milanese fashion shows. Valentino tightens the line! The man from the Valentino Fall / Winter 2016 show wore a sober look where black dominated. Also, this is precisely what is also discussed in the brand’s niche fragrance. Valentino Uomo Intense appears to be a revisit of the famous Valentino Uomo . If the first olfactory opus of this perfume signed a representation based on white leather, this time it is about an intense perfume based on black leather. The tone is set and the typically Italian masculinity is beautiful and well in the game!

The intense scent of the new Valentino Uomo

Valentino Uomo Intense this time displays a tanned, suave, deep and shiny composition. His style is resolutely Italian and his virility is omnipresent. It all starts with the fresh presence of mandarin. This unveils its citrus notes straightforwardly and releases particularly airy fruity tones. It is then accompanied by the amber and herbaceous scent of scarlet sage. What is more, note that this ingredient is an excellent fixer. Then, Valentino Uomo Intense evolves towards a particularly luxurious heart. In addition, this one is full of iris, one of the most expensive ingredients in the entire palette of the perfumer given its distillation time and its particularly low yield. This very refined plant thus releases a complex, delicate, buttery and very persistent odor. Here it is accompanied by the tonka feast, an ingredient composed of a large quantity of coumarin, the powdery and amended note of which is found. Finally, it is at its core that Valentino Uomo Intense truly displays his Italian masculinity. This one is full of the animal sensuality of black leather and accompanies this element with the warm and sweet exoticism of vanilla.

Valentino man

This perfume therefore displays the image of a naturally elegant man with a touch of rebellion. Once again, in order to symbolize this perfume, Valentino called on his muse, the famous French actor Louis Garrel. In addition, it has embodied the essence of Valentino Uomo since 2014 and fits perfectly with the image of this fragrance. In this case, he is a somewhat nonchalant man in constant search of emotion. This one displays a complex and refined character which is perfectly suited to this new perfume. Louis Garrel thus seems to be the ideal character for this fragrance cut like a made-to-measure suit. Its typically Parisian charm is then highlighted by the fantastic scenery of the city of Rome. All this allows us to fully discover the refined bottle of the new Valentino Uomo Intense. This one is very strongly inspired by the original. We find there in particular its many prisms faceting the whole of its surface and evoking the freestone of a patrician palace. Its juice this time displays a subtle gray tone contrasting with the metallic black reflections of the Valentino plaque. Her vaporizer with a clean and graphic design creates a link with her essential female alter ego, Valentina.

Valentino’s fall / winter fashion show seems to want to portray the image of a new man. This one is endowed, in fact, with a double game. His clothes with a sober appearance indeed hide elements which rebel. Studs make their appearance and are accompanied by leather straps or duffel-coat at the shoulders. Also, Valentino seems then eager to perfect the outfit of his new man by decorating it this time with a perfume in total correlation with this very elegant touch of impertinence. Valentino Uomo Intense is thus seen as the perfume of a new man, a young Italian heir of timeless elegance.

The man revisited by the eye of Valentino

Of course, Valentino absolutely did not wish to abandon the natural nobility and the undeniable charm of his male gender. Nevertheless, Valentino men now display a touch of casualness as well as a disenchanted nonchalance. They always wear the suit and tie with naturalness but display an undeniable charm tinged with carelessness and authenticity. Their allure thus seems to reveal their history and Valentino perfumes now reveal their authenticity. The Valentino man seems simply timeless, both aware of his past, living in the moment but looking to the future. Thus, it displays a contrasting style and unclassifiable modernity. Also, in order to symbolize this renewal, Valentino once again called on his flagship muse, the talented French actor Louis Garrel. This slender thirty-something, dark and bohemian has been the face of the brand for the perfume Valentino Uomo since 2014. In addition, it fits perfectly with the complex and refined personality desired by Valentino. In this case, he is known to be an actor in constant search of emotion and has, for the occasion, been immortalized through a typically Italian setting. Valentino Uomo Intense plunges us into the heart of the city of Rome for a disconcerting olfactory journey.

The startling scent of Valentino Uomo Intense

On the scent side, this translates into a particularly fresh and airy flight. Valentino Uomo Intense begins with the citrus and invigorating contribution of fresh mandarin. This is then accompanied by tones of scarlet sage, a musky, amber, herbaceous and camphoric ingredient from southern Europe. What is more, let us also note that this one is an excellent fixer. Valentino Uomo Intense thus displays exemplary tenacity. Then, it evolves towards a particularly noble heart. It is as if full of iris, one of the most expensive ingredients in the entire perfume department given its low yield and its particularly long drying time before distillation. This refined flower here releases a complex and delicate scent, both powdery and woody. It is then accompanied by tonka bean, an ingredient composed of a large quantity of coumarin and of which we find the amended scent reminiscent of the smell of hay. Finally, all the masculinity of the Italian man is displayed in the background of Valentino Uomo Intense. This unveils a very sensual and animal trail made from black leather accompanied by the voluptuous sweetness of vanilla.

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