Valentino Donna the new perfumed box


Valentino Donna the new box with perfumes and Italian elegance
Valentino Donna the new box with perfumes and Italian elegance

The Italian elegance of Valentino Donna in a new box

The Valentino house embodies a typically Italian elegance and conveys the know-how of this Mediterranean country throughout the world. Its refinement was first known in the fashion sector before entering the perfume sector. Nevertheless, its fragrances have retained the same nobility and the same radiance as its couture pieces. This time, the Valentino Donna perfume takes us into an almost magical world. This juice gives us the image of contemporary femininity. It is both poetic and singular, similar to the portrait of a fragile and delicate woman. Today, he reveals his nobility to us in a new box.

The airy breath of the Valentino Donna fragrance

V allantino Donna is a fairly classic and subtle fragrance . Its lightness sets off on a luminous and sensual halo of bergamot. This citrus fruit is associated with two star flowers of feminine perfumery, namely the rose and the iris. Their powdery sensuality makes this fragrance a timeless juice with a romantic texture. Warm and intense notes of leather reinforce its seductive aspect. Patchouli accents give structure to the whole. Finally, vanilla gives it a smoother and more exquisite charm.

The very refined box of Valentino Donna

From then on, all that was missing was a box to enhance this perfume. Valentino Donna comes in an elegant powder pink packaging. The inside of its box is completely tinted with gold . Two particularly refined objects then stand out from one another: Valentino Donna’s spray bottle in a 50 ml format, accompanied by its body milk. Thus, the smell of Valentino Donna will now envelop you from head to toe while taking care of your skin.

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