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Tom Ford Noir Extrême, elegance at its peak


Tom Ford Noir Extrême, elegance at its peak
Tom Ford Noir Extrême, elegance at its peak

Tom Ford founded his design house in 2005, but Tom Ford has been known in the fashion world since 1990, when he joined the Gucci house in Milan. By becoming artistic director and creative director for Gucci, Tom Ford displays and makes known his style. Provocative, extravagant, Tom Ford likes to stand out. It was just a year after the founding of his brand that Tom Ford unveiled his first perfume “Black Orchid“. Then, in 2012, Tom Ford presented “Noir pour Homme”, a contrasting fragrance that was mysterious to say the least. Then, in 2015, he unveiled a “Noir Extrême” variation.

The mysterious elegance of man according to Tom Ford

In 2012, Tom Fordunveils “Noir pour Homme”… A mysterious color for a multi-faceted man. Regarding this color, Tom Ford said “Noir is enigmatic, complex and surprising… Noir is the most personal fragrance I have created”. “Noir pour Homme” is a mysterious, paradoxical, but so fascinating essence. The “Noir pour Homme” man is modern and extremely elegant. He is sure of himself, and exudes a charm, to say the least irresistible. In 2015, Tom Ford wanted to imagine a variation and present “Noir Extrême”. Between elegance and exuberance, the “Extreme Black” man wants to be even more magnetic. The “Extreme Black” man is even more charismatic and he gives off something inexplicable wherever he goes. Confident in himself, he will stop at nothing.

The fascinating ingredients of Noir Extrême

Tom Ford reinvents a classic woody essence that blends fascinating ingredients and obscure spices with a careful selection of spices.  “Noir Extrême” begins with the association of mandarin with spicy notes such as saffron and cardamom. The heart of “Noir Extrême” blends a floral bouquet, composed of white jasmine and rose, with a creamy pistachio, all associated with an infusion of vanilla. The base, steeped in amber, is warm and woody. The bottle has a sober and refined line. It is cut in a block of thick black glass and completely opaque. The bottle is topped with a fluted glass cabochon, symbol of the Tom Ford house. It offers the whole a particularly rare elegance.

After “Noir pour Homme”, Tom Ford unveils “Noir Extrême”, more intense and more powerful. If the “Extreme Black” man is more elegant, he is also much more manly. The raw materials have been chosen with care and exude an out of the ordinary male impetuosity.

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