The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid, the oily skin solution from Clarins


The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid, the oily skin solution from Clarins
The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid, the oily skin solution from Clarins

Clarins Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid, the oily skin expert

The Clarins brand displays extraordinary know-how in terms of beauty. Today, its product catalog is particularly extensive. Clarins therefore offers treatments specifically designed for each type of epidermis. For each specific need, Clarins offers an appropriate response. Indeed, all skins do not work the same way. For example, some tend to dry out, while others suffer from excess sebum. They start to shine at the slightest opportunity and it is precisely this type of epidermis that Clarins Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid is aimed at.

What is oily skin?

When we talk about oily skin, it simply means a shiny epidermis, which suffers from imperfections and whose pores are dilated. Often, this is a real ordeal for teenagers. Indeed, these future adults under construction suffer from hormonal imbalances which tend to lubricate the epidermis. However, if this situation often resolves with age, it sometimes persists and becomes a recurring problem. However, beyond the aesthetic aspect, when the skin is oily, it is also thicker. It ages less quickly but reveals enlarged pores which are unsightly but also subject to numerous inflammations. They are the source of blackheads or pimples. Certain areas of the face are also more affected by this phenomenon. This is the T zone, that is, the forehead, nose and chin. TheClarins Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid is therefore ideally studied to regulate this phenomenon while preserving the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

The benefits of Clarins Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid

The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid is intended for all people who have oily skin and who wish to regulate this problem. This refreshing fluid is very comfortable to wear. It is applied in the morning, on an epidermis previously cleansed and dried. The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid contains numerous purifying plant extracts. It contains in particular fireweed, lime and lantan, three raw materials that cleanse, purify and tighten dilated pores. Thus, the Ultra-Mattifying Regulating Fluid guarantees you deep cleansing of your skin and a mattifying appearance that lasts throughout the day. The Ultra-Matifying Regulating Fluid does not only act on the surface. It intervenes directly at the source of the problem, at the level of sebum production. Thereby, it helps the epidermis to stay fresh and mat for several hours. The problem is treated directly in the sweat glands, and it shows up on the surface of your face. Your skin is clearer and imperfections are reduced day by day. Your teenage acne will finally be far behind you!

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