The perfume Byzance de Rochas returns


The perfume Byzance de Rochas returns
The perfume Byzance de Rochas returns

Oriental beauty celebrated by the iconic perfume Byzantium de Rochas

Rochas is a great house of creation whose history spans almost a hundred years. This has been promoting the image of our French heritage since 1925. Also, as if to celebrate the longevity of its exceptional know-how, the brand has decided to reinterpret its greatest perfumes. This is how 2017 will see the reappearance of the brand’s iconic Byzance fragrance . It first saw the light of day in 1987 but had not been marketed since 2010, much to the regret of Haute Parfumerie enthusiasts. Focus on this new essence having a little taste of déjà vu …

The floral and sensual scent of Byzantium

Byzantium is the name of an ancient Greek city located at the entrance to the Bosphorus and which became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and then of the Ottoman Empire. Also, it is precisely from this that the Rochas house was inspired to make a perfume in 1987. It was then a question of a distant elsewhere, of a meeting between the West and the East. Byzantium has always been a juice intended for a bewitching woman, somewhat provocative but above all sensual. This perfume is similar to the reflection of a precious stone allowing to sublimate the most bewitching of women. The 2017 Byzantine fragrance opens with a concentrate of typically Mediterranean citrus fruits.

This juice combines mandarin, cardamom and citron for a very energizing and sunny result. Then, everything softens with lily of the valley, a small delicate white flower opening the way to a floral and opulent heart. The latter offers us here a fascinating blend of Turkish rose, tuberose and jasmine. The sensual character of the Rochas woman then intensifies little by little. This one draws its character from a trio of amber, musk and patchouli. Sandalwood envelops this carnal alliance while iris makes it more elegant and powdery. Finally, Byzantium ends with a sweet breath of vanilla taking us into an exotic elsewhere.

A fragrance contained in the iconic Madame Rochas bottle

If the bluish color of the old Byzantine bottle has been preserved, the latter has changed its silhouette. It traded in its old round shape for a more slender bottle. For the record, know that this is identical to the box of Madame Rochas perfume, a legend of perfumery born in 1960. Inspired by a janusette, a small salt bottle from the 18th century, found by Marcel Rochas himself , the Byzantine case is embellished with eight cut sides and is topped with an absolutely refined golden cabochon. Its bluish juice is reminiscent of the mosaic in the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna. In addition, it is in this place that Nicolas Mamounas, perfumer who created the first Byzantium perfume, found inspiration. All of this gives us a timeless journey to the heart of Rochas history. However,

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