The “Parisian” scent of Mademoiselle Rochas


The "Parisian" scent of Mademoiselle Rochas
The “Parisian” scent of Mademoiselle Rochas

Rochas is a brand that perfectly embodies the image of French luxury and elegance. Also, as if to pay tribute to the somewhat mischievous and above all sensual character of a young Parisian, the brand has created a brand new perfume called Mademoiselle Rochas. This seductive fragrance is sure to bring a chic and somewhat sassy image to your bathroom. So, let’s see how this translates on the side of its composition.

Mademoiselle Rochas is betting everything on femininity and gluttony

Mademoiselle Rochas is a perfume with many facets. Indeed, women are complex characters, and it is a digest of all their personalities that we find in this new perfume. What is more, Rochas seems to have surfed the trends here. The brand has chosen to highlight gourmet flavors. Moreover, the latter are displayed from his head notes. Mademoiselle Rochas takes off on a blend of blackcurrant and candy apple. It must be said that today’s women are crazy about sweet flavors. Thus, it seems quite simply impossible to resist the charm of Mademoiselle Rochas. Then, her heart gradually becomes more feminine. This highlights the two most famous flowers in women’s perfumery: Egyptian jasmine and rose. The result is a juice that is at the same time romantic, opulent and airy. Mademoiselle Rochas nevertheless becomes darker at the level of her base. This is wrapped in sandalwood. Thus, Mademoiselle Rochas becomes as gentle as a caress. Ambergris, meanwhile, makes the whole more sweet. Finally, musk brings a fair dose of animality to the whole. The whole is very balanced and gives us in a single bottle all the complexity of femininity revisited with a more contemporary eye than ever.

Anne Flipo at the service of Rochas

This unique fragrance was made by one of the greatest perfumersof our generation: the famous Anne Flipo. If nothing predestined her to become a perfumer, she has nevertheless made a name for herself in this profession. In addition, Anne Flipo has won numerous awards during her career. Likewise, she is now part of the creative team of one of the leaders in the aroma sector for perfumery: the giant IFF. When Anne Flipo makes a new perfume, she wants above all that her creation be memorable. Thus, she tries to seduce each consumer as a unique person. This is why all these perfumes, including the latest Mademoiselle Rochas, are multi-faceted. Here, it is about romanticism, seduction but also playfulness. The know-how of this exceptional nose is reflected everywhere in this juice. Since then,

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