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The Parisian charm of the Mademoiselle Rochas bottle


The Parisian charm of the Mademoiselle Rochas bottle
The Parisian charm of the Mademoiselle Rochas bottle

For its brand niche fragrance launch, Rochas did not skimp on the means. Incarnated by the seductive Noémie Schmidt, this perfume clearly aims to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor: Femme de Rochas. This new juice is called Mademoiselle Rochas and symbolizes the new Parisian woman , at the same time active, sparkling, elegant and fresh. If this is characterized by an explosion of ultra romantic flowers, what about its new bottle? Does the latter respect the Rochas tradition where does it take us to a new universe? Follow us, we have carried out the investigation and we intend to reveal to you the hidden face of Mademoiselle Rochas’ new silhouette.

Mademoiselle Rochas and her bottle filled with optimism

With its niche fragrance, the Rochas house seems to want to convey a message of optimism. Thus, its visual immediately plunges us into a climate very favorable to discovery. Rochas has chosen a pink color for its new case. However, if this may seem cliché, we must recognize that nothing better embodies femininity. Pink is synonymous with optimism. Thus, Mademoiselle Rochas portrays the image of a woman who sees life on the bright side. What’s more, pink has been associated with femininity since our earliest childhood. Thus, by choosing this color, Rochas also calls on our memories and plunges us into a certain nostalgia. Beyond its apparent simplicity, it is also important to underline that Mademoiselle Rochas has very elaborate glass walls. Its pleating gives rise to multiple shimmering reflections in its juice. The fragrance of this perfume is therefore revealed in multiple luminous nuances, perfectly echoing the natural radiance of Parisians.

Rochas opts for a circular bottle

Beyond this choice of color, Rochas has also bet everything on the rounded shape. However, this bias is not trivial either. Have you ever noticed the number of logos with round figures? In this case, curves and circles tend to convey a particularly positive image. What is more, this connotation is universal. Moreover, many cultures and civilizations associate the rounded shape with divine power. By making this choice of silhouette, Rochas therefore inscribes its new perfume in a kind of timelessness and universality. What’s more, every detail of this container seems to have been perfectly worked out. The name of Mademoiselle Rochas is inscribed on the front of this perfume on a very couture label. The whole is also decorated with a pretty knot of fabric at the level of its collar. Finally, a metallic gray cabochon tops the whole for more modernity. Rochas does not seem to have left anything to chance in this new creation and it must be recognized that the visual rendering of this new juice is absolutely splendid.

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