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The Panthère de Cartier, an animal essence in a new box


The Panthère de Cartier, an animal essence in a new box
The Panthère de Cartier, an animal essence in a new box

La Panthère, all the animality of Cartier in a box

Much more than a simple perfume, La Panthère has been a symbol since the Roaring Twenties. This wild animal has become the embodiment of femininity according to Cartier. Well, this time he reveals his face to us in a new box. As Theophrastus said: “The panther is of all animals the only one that smells good naturally. The panther exhales a scent that is agreeable to all other beasts, which is why it hunts by hiding and attracting prey with its scent.

The contrasts of La Panthère

La Panthère is a particularly paradoxical fragrance . He is at the same time sensual, solar, insolent and rebellious. He thus reveals to us all the qualities of women and hides a very animal note in his heart. It is a pure and candid but very narcotic essence. Its ambiguity makes this fragrance particularly captivating. He made the gardenia his central ingredient but the envelope of a puzzling animality. The musk increases the eroticism of this perfume while its trail is sublimated with patchouli and cypress.

The magical box set of La Panthère

This time, Cartier seems to have emphasized the festive aspect of La Panthère . Its elegant red and gold box fits perfectly into the world of the end of the year celebrations. It contains three products from the range, namely the 50 ml spray from La Panthère, accompanied by its miniature bottle and body milk. Thus, the smell of this perfume will envelop you from head to toe while taking care of your skin. Likewise, its bag sprayer will slip easily into any of your handbags.

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