The Olympéa Perfume by Paco Rabanne and its new legendary box


The Olympéa Perfume by Paco Rabanne and its new legendary box

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne and its very mythological box

Olympéa is more than just a perfume . This fragrance is accompanied by a very marked universe. She tells us a story and seems to come straight from the top of Olympus. Olympéa embodies the image of absolute and almost heroic femininity. She is a real fantasy, and embodies a sort of mythological goddess of modern times. Her irreverent beauty is matched only by her daring. This absolute icon of feminine perfumery is unveiled today in a brand new box and already promises to make women around the world happy.

The nuanced scented breath of Olympéa

Olympéa is a fascinating fragrance that offers us a real olfactory adventure. It combines the sensuality of a sallied vanilla with the freshness of a floral bouquet. Olympéa opens first with the dynamism of mandarin orange. Its bouquet of white flowers combines ginger flower and hydroponic jasmine, that is to say cultivated in water. However, Olympéa is a fragrance that does not lack character. Her sensuality turns out to be more and more tempting. Its wake is particularly enveloping. It is magnified with sandalwood and ambergris. The result is an almost erotic but infinitely fresh fragrance.

Paco Rabanne’s powder pink box

Olympéa is this time delivered to us in an elegant powder pink box perfectly matched to the color of its timeless bottle. Some sort of molten liquid seems to be dripping down its walls, unless it is a particularly feminine satin veil. The Olympéa box then contains the eponymous perfume in a 50 ml spray bottle as well as a body lotion that will take care of your beauty day after day.

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