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The oceanic accents of Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani


The oceanic accents of Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
The oceanic accents of Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio is an essential fragrance in men’s perfumery.

In addition, it is one of the great classics of the Armani house. Its freshness is particularly attractive and a “seaside” aspect emerges from the first scent. However, this creation was made with extreme sobriety, which has the gift of giving it all the more elegance. It is, moreover, the fruit of the work of the very famous Alberto Morillas , a true genius in his field. This fragrance has the gift of awakening a deep dynamism and covering the wearer with the most invigorating freshness.

Acqua Di Gio, the smell of the open sea

The aromas of Acqua Di Gio are very particular and quite simply unique. Moreover, this is undoubtedly linked to the high quality of the raw materials it contains. If these last ones have very maritime scents, it is because they come directly from the island of Pantelleria. In this case, it is a case of land located between Sicily and Tunisia where Giorgio Armani liked to rest and recharge. Also, Acqua Di Gio drew all the power of natural elements and locked them in this polished glass bottle. Acqua Di Gio reveals freshnessfull of sunshine and delicacy, like the Mediterranean climate. It also responds to a deep desire to escape. Giorgio Armani was therefore inspired by the arid shore of the island of Pantelleria and its mystery in order to proceed to the creation of this essence. With it, whatever the time of year, we tell ourselves that summer is indeed here. This fragrance releases great authenticity and unparalleled naturalness, representing all male power and its purest achievement.

Armani delivers maritime scents in a sleek bottle

Beyond its Mediterranean aspect, Acqua Di Gio delivers two facets of man. This one displays a certain sophistication and its elegance is unmatched. However, it also has a contracted charm. Also, it is one of those essences that one could find just as much in the middle of a social evening as at the bottom of a sports bag. Likewise, this contrast continues as it combines both sweet and savory scents. With him, the scent of the seabed is juxtaposed with more floral touches. At the top, its citrus notes are very present. We discover lemon, lime and tangerine. In addition, bergamot further enhances its freshness. However, if there is one place where one finds the sensation of the sea, it is indeed in its heart. Then, it gives way to freesia, with coriander and the heat of patchouli. Giorgio Armani then offers us the contrast between the very cold sea wind and the flow of the waves warmed by a blazing sun. Everything is then delivered to us in a rectangular box, very sober and modern. All glass, it is accessorized with a gray metal stopper which gives it a very sophisticated air.

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