The new YSL highlighter lip pencil


The new YSL highlighter lip pencil
The new YSL highlighter lip pencil

A radiant mouth thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent Illuminating Lip Crayon

Light is an indisputable asset that top makeup artists around the world use to showcase their work. Also, multiple techniques consist of highlighting it to accentuate certain areas of the face and draw the eye to your best features. This is why, it seems that Yves Saint-Laurent has chosen to capture all the light to turn it towards your mouth. Thus, on the occasion of the fall of 2016, the Yves Saint-Laurent house is launching the Illuminating Lip Crayon . The latter aims to create a radiant glow on your mouth like a real spotlight worthy of the biggest movie stars!

Yves Saint-Laurent dresses your mouth with light

Yves Saint-Laurent Highlighter Lip Crayon highlights the most beautiful areas of your mouth and considerably increases the visual volume of your lips. In reality, he sculpts the light, placing it in particularly advantageous places. For example, it is used wonderfully to sublimate the cupid’s bow of the mouth. It thus redraws the upper curve of your lips. Likewise, when applied to the core of the latter, it gives them a much more plump look. Finally, by tracing the outline of the entire mouth, you will obtain a real three-dimensional effect.

Also note that the Yves Saint-Laurent Highlighter Lip Crayon is designed to combine with any type of make-up , whether it is a tone-on-tone gloss or a very pronounced lipstick. Thus, it has something to satisfy lovers of the nude trend of the moment as well as the most extroverted among you showing off with flashy colors. In other words, the Highlighter Lip Crayon is a shadow makeup artist that acts discreetly but whose effect is absolutely dazzling.

Tips for applying the Highlighter Lip Pencil

In fact, the Highlighter Lip Crayon is inspired by a makeup technique that is increasingly well known to the general public but has been used for many years by specialists in the sector: strobing. This is the reverse of contouring. Indeed, if the contouring draws areas of shadow to camouflage certain defects, the strobing, meanwhile, creates areas of light to attract the eye to your most beautiful assets. Thus, the Highlighter Lip Crayon intends to attract all eyes to your mouth, making it one of your best seductive assets. Using this technique is like imagining a projector pointed at your mouth and seeing the most marked areas emerge.

These are then considered to be strong points that should be highlighted by makeup. So, if you want to accentuate the outline of your mouth, all you need to do is place the Highlighter Lip Crayon there. If you prefer only to raise your upper lip, apply it only on Cupid’s bow. Finally, for more volume, spread some in the center of your lips. In other words, using the Highlighter Lip Crayon is like reappropriating the greatest techniques of professional makeup. The latter will soon have no more secrets for you!

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