The new youth of the Capture Totale range


The new youth of the Capture Totale range
The new youth of the Capture Totale range

Global Anti-Aging and Perfection by Dior

In this year 2016, it seems that the concept of age is in full revolution. Go figure: 20-year-old girls are tinted gray, cosmetic surgery makes it possible more than ever to fight against the signs of aging and Susane Sarandon, aged 69, has become the face of L’Oréal Paris… Aging is no longer a bad word and can now be understood with serenity. What’s more, Dior has set up a Global and Perfection Anti-Aging range, enough to defy the laws of time and always appear more beautiful despite the years that have passed.

Capture Totale cream defies gravity

The Global Anti-Aging and Perfection range is equipped with multiple products aimed at correcting all signs of aging by acting in the heart of the skin, including the stem cells. The Global and Perfection Anti-Aging Range is made up of various products such as a Multi-Perfection Cream, a Dreamskin, a Serum, an Eye Serum or a Night Cream. These cosmetics ensure the youth and the total beauty of the epidermis so as to make the face radiant with an authentic and natural beauty. Capture Totale products adapt to different times of the day, to multiple needs and to different parts of the face. Thus, they are only more suitable and all the more beneficial. For example, Dior Multi-Perfection Cream, the bestseller of the range, defies the laws of time and above all, for the first time, those of gravity. This cream promotes the revitalization of the skin springs. It acts directly on the mother cells at the origin of the deep sheathing of the skin. Thus, it allows to obtain a smoothing, resculpting and unifying result. The skin is not only treated on the surface. Dior Global Anti-Aging and Perfection products act directly in depth and restore ideal maintenance of the epidermis. The youthfulness of the skin is accentuated with use. What’s more, Dior Multi-Perfection Cream has a fine, melting and soft texture for a real pleasure of application.

The visible results of Dior products

Texts produced by Dior revealed a visible improvement in the quality of the skin from the first application. 97% of users say they feel their skin softer and more beautiful. Likewise, after a month of use, 98% of them think that their skin is more toned, more elastic and more sheathed. 85% of them believe that their wrinkles have been smoothed and 95% of them consider that their skin is redensified. The skin is treated in total respect with its natural balance and this skincare ritual appears to be pure pleasure on a daily basis. Dior thus offers women the promise of “beauty revealed today while building that of tomorrow”.

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