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The new limited edition Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf


The new limited edition Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf
The new limited edition Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon Spring Summer 2018 by Viktor & Rolf celebrates the sunny days

If you are a bit of a lover of gluttony and are considered by many to be an epicurean woman, you could not have missed the Bonbon phenomenon of Viktor & Rolf . Designed in 2014, this perfume is just as astonishing by its sweet scent as by the visual of its bottle. It has been transformed for two consecutive years during spring. Celebrating the arrival of the first rays of sunshine of the year, it thus becomes Bonbon Spring Summer. So let’s take a closer look at its 2018 version.

Spring summer candy, an invitation to pleasure

Bonbon Spring Summer 2018 by Viktor & Rolf is a fragrance that is glamorous, provocative and slightly childish. Despite his sensuality, he preserves in him a dose of innocence. It is both playful and formal, classic and modern, delicate and sassy. All in contrasts, it is a concentrate of astonishment and a real invitation to happiness. “Bonbon is a timeless sensation that invites you to a moment of pure pleasure. The one who wears Bonbon lives an unprecedented sensory experience on the verge of auto-eroticism. A supreme pleasure which belongs only to her and reveals her own story to her. Celebrated, fulfilled, her femininity is sublimated. Today, however, this sparkling cocktail has a new face. It gets fresher and more explosive, celebrating Spring 2018.

Bonbon Spring Summer, a cocktail of sparkling red fruits

Candy summer 2018 composition
Candy summer 2018 composition

Bonbon Spring Summer 2018 was designed to awaken all the joy and ardor that lie dormant in every woman. It is the perfect embodiment of the hot season and navigates between liveliness and gluttony. It first takes off on a duo of sparkling red fruits composed of raspberry and strawberry. Then, he lets all his femininity speak, revealing itself in an enormous floral bouquet dominated by jasmine. Finally, its base softens with a musky accord and highlights all the sweet and greedy smoothness of caramel.

The return of Viktor & Rolf’s famous glass knot

From then on, all that was missing was a bottle to enhance this concentrate of sweetness. Of course, Viktor & Rolf did not want to transform their bottle.original. It must be said that the latter is the work of real technical prowess. Bonbon Spring Summer is presented to us in a sort of oversized and very elegant glass bow. Its couture spirit is always colored in pink. On the other hand, this time it is more lively, more flashy and more girly than before. Subtly shaded, it is now presented in a sandblasted glass which speaks volumes about the freshness it contains. The set is ideally proportioned and enough to make us salivate. What’s more, rejoice: Bonbon Spring Summer is the first zero-calorie guaranteed summer candy. Thus, it will not prevent you from highlighting your pretty shapes in your swimsuit!

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