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The new hybrid between gloss and lipstick according to Guerlain, the Liquid Lipstick KissKiss Liquid


The new hybrid between gloss and lipstick according to Guerlain, the Liquid Lipstick KissKiss Liquid
The new hybrid between gloss and lipstick according to Guerlain, the Liquid Lipstick KissKiss Liquid

Guerlain KissKiss Liquid Liquid Lipstick, dazzling color combined with absolute comfort

The Guerlain house is a renowned perfumer, which has seen five generations of passionate creators succeed one another. To offer ever more pleasure to its customers, the Guerlain brand has gradually turned to cosmetics and make-up. It therefore gives you a global vision of beauty. Reinventing trends season after season, Guerlain has become an expert in makeup, constantly making new products with daring. This is how KissKiss lipstick was propelled to the rank of a true icon! Today, he is transformed and takes on little airs of gloss. Focus on Guerlain KissKiss Liquid Lipstick, a new make-up combining hold, color and comfort.


The KissKiss Liquid, a hybrid between gloss and lipstick

KissKiss Liquid Lipstick comes in a small transparent tube, so it almost looks like a gloss. However, don’t get me wrong, like the entire KissKiss Lipstick collection, it displays extraordinary tenacity and color! Its glass base lets us glimpse the color it contains. The latter is topped by an opaque black cap, the shape of which almost suggests that it is padded. A small foam applicator is connected to it, allowing an easy and precise application, perfectly conforming to the shape of your smile.

The three different finishes of KissKiss Liquid Lipstick

The KissKiss Liquid Liquid Lipstick is available in 20 different colors, distributed in three distinct finishes:
– 10 of its colors have a matte finish, both modern and allowing you to sculpt your smile with elegance.
– 6 of its shades are brilliant, which allows to capture the light and color your smile with a play of transparency. This is a perfect finish for thin lips, which gives them a fuller effect.
– Finally, for a more dazzling look, four shades of KissKiss Liquid Lipstick are glittered.
Each of these colors is very rich in pigments. This allows KissKiss Liquid Lipstick to display fiery undertones, which will hold perfectly on your smile for many hours.

Guerlain’s little extras that make all the difference …

But Guerlain did not stop there! The brand has also relied on two other major assets to make the difference:
– KissKiss Liquid Liquid Lipstick takes care of your smile by integrating protective active ingredients into its formula. It contains cranberry oil and Japanese pine oil to nourish and protect your mouth, while maintaining its hydration level. Hyaluronic acid is also present in its recipe, giving more curve to your mouth.
– KissKiss Liquid Lipstick also gives off a subtle floral and vanilla scent. First enriched with orange, lemon and bergamot, it turns out to be more feminine in a heart of rose and iris, before releasing a rounder scent of tonka bean.

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