The new Eau de Parfum Nude Azzedine Alaia


The new Eau de Parfum Nude Azzedine Alaia
The new Eau de Parfum Nude Azzedine Alaia

Alaia Nude, the new very personal perfume from Azzedine Alaia

Azzedine Alaia is an extraordinary designer who is characterized by a couture department that is both daring and very refined. In this context, he decided to express his very personal vision of women in the perfume department. Azzedine Alaia’s olfactory adventure began in 2015, with the creation of the Alaia perfume . In its overall execution, it is a juice filled with sincerity, respecting of course the constraints of the fashion of its time but rather listening to the inspirations of its creator. Alaia is a female portrait drawn by Azzedine Alaia himself. Today, its story opens with a new chapter. Focus on the new Alaia Nude.

Alaia Nude, a perfume with a very couture spirit

Since its creation in 2015, the Alaia perfume has been perceived as a kind of confidence from the designer Azzedine Alaia, as his very personal way of seeing femininity . However, Alaia Nude does not escape this image. As Azzedine Alaia explains: “My perfume arises from the meeting of all my presents, from a time that I cannot name myself and that only the feelings that his creation revealed to me can express”. Alaia Nude is therefore inspired by the deep thoughts of its creator while being part of a form of timelessness.

“My perfume accompanies time, it has the insolence of an eternal present”. With a very couture spirit, it is based on an architecture that is both complex and paradoxical. However, it is precisely this image which also emerges from the vision of its bottle. Far from being a simple bottle, it is a real work of glass sculpted and studied in the smallest details. On the other hand, unlike its elder who was entirely lacquered in black, Alaia Nude plays more in transparency. Its limpid glass reveals the color of a tender and feminine powder pink. Its front is perforated with a famous Azzedine Alaia motif, which first appeared on a leather corset in the 1980s. Finally, retaining a very fashionable spirit, the Alaia Nude bottle is topped with a spool. of gold thread as a cabochon.

Azzedine Alaia relies on olfactory contrasts

Therefore, all this immediately makes us want to discover more about its scent. Here again, Alaia Nude is in perfect continuity with its predecessor. This fragrance plays on contrasts and dares an alliance of floral tenderness and woody depth. Alaia Nude is dominated by a very feminine scent and similar to a huge bouquet of white flowers. Orange blossom dominates all of its solar and Mediterranean aura. The iris, on the other hand, gives this perfume a more powdery and very elegant scent. Other ingredients envelop Alaia Nude in their softness. This is particularly the case with cashmere, suede and tonka bean. The cedar comes to structure all of its woody breath. Finally, dragging us into a flood of seduction, Alaia Nude ends with a more animal scent of leather and musk.

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