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The new Base Coat Lacquer Couture YSL


The new Base Coat Lacquer Couture YSL
The new Base Coat Lacquer Couture YSL

Yves Saint-Laurent’s La Laque Couture Base Coat, the essential to protect your weakened nails

The fingernails grow an average of 3 mm every month. It is therefore a part of our body that renews itself quite quickly. However, it is not always easy to preserve it. It must be said that our daily lives often push us to put them in contact with household workers, not to mention the shocks they continuously suffer. This is why the Yves Saint-Laurent house has created the Base Coat La Laque Couture, an ideal product for strengthening your nails and preserving them over the long term.

The Base Coat, the first step in the manicure

La Laque Couture Base Coat is the first step in a good manicure. After pushing back your cuticles and lightly polishing the surface of your nail, you just need to apply a thin layer, like a varnish. Then, after letting it dry, all you have to do is apply your colored varnish, as usual. Note that Yves Saint-Laurent La Laque Couture Base Coat can also be used on its own. It offers a brilliant rendering and an impeccable finish.

The benefits of La Laque Couture Base Coat

By involving as well as your Base Coat La Laque Couture and by starting your manicure with it, you will obtain spectacular results on the beauty of your nails. First of all, this product has the property of fortifying the surface of the nail and preventing its splitting. What is more, it protects its external surface and prevents its yellowing. Finally, the Base Coat La Laque Couture acts like a real polisher and will prevent you from having ridged nails.

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