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The new Angel Mugler Eau de Toilette for 2019


The new Angel Mugler Eau de Toilette for 2019
The new Angel Mugler Eau de Toilette for 2019

The return of Thierry Mugler’s iconic Angel Eau de Toilette in a new 2019 edition

Angel is one of the most famous perfumes in women’s perfumery. First creation of Thierry Mugler, it was also the first juice in history to dare to venture into a sweet and gourmet territory. Angel simply gave birth to a new olfactory current! Since then, it has remained one of the most famous juices on the planet. Reinterpreted many times, it became, in 2011, an Eau de Toilette, thanks to the talent of perfumer Amandine Marie. Today, it is precisely this juice that we are talking about… Angel Eau de Toilette is reinventing itself and is replaced by a brand new edition, now designed by Louise Turner.

The new freshness of Angel Eau de Toilette

Less opulent than the very first Angel, the new Angel Eau de Toilette “provides us with a new vision of Angel femininity: a dazzling femininity that touches all women today, women who dare to lead a life guided by confidence. , intensity and sensuality ”. On a purely olfactory level, this is characterized by a fresh and tangy opening of mandarin and peony. Then, Angel’s star ingredient is brought back to the forefront here. You will have recognized it: it is the praline. For the occasion, it is accompanied by red fruits and apples. Patchouli leaves then sublimate its base, enriching it with a heavier, earthy and warm character. Blond wood and cedar finish sublimating this fragrance, while amplifying its tenacity.

The new look of Thierry Mugler’s bottle

The emblematic star of Thierry Mugler is once again used as a bottle. Indeed, this is the absolute symbol attached to the Thierry Mugler brand, and evoking the characteristic reverie of the creator. This time, Angel Eau de Toilette’s glass sculpture has been redesigned to position itself vertically. This gives it a more slender, more sophisticated and more elegant look. Similarly, its bluish glass is now enriched with a pale pink in its center, infinitely feminine. Its asymmetrical design has been retained. Everything has been masterfully reinvented by Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director Mugler Studio.

Angel Eau de Toilette’s promising campaign

To ensure the promotion of this new perfume, Thierry Mugler called on two artists who are among the most famous in the image and film industry: Warren du Preez and Nick Thointon Jones. The British duo have chosen to surround themselves here with three muses to propel Angel Eau de Toilette to the forefront, and to play with their influence on social networks … Angel Eau de Toilette is highlighted by three very popular influencers on the canvas and of American, French and English origin. They are Alexandra Dieck, Alexandra Guerain and Hannah Crosskey… Enough to ensure planetary visibility for Thierry Mugler’s new angel, in Europe and in the United States.

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