The new Alien Man perfume offers itself a box


The new Alien Man perfume offers itself a box
The new Alien Man perfume offers itself a box

The enigmatic set of Alien Man by Thierry Mugler

Since its release in 2005, the Alien perfume (for women) has never ceased to be talked about. Initially, it was a feminine juice, endowed with an almost divine aura, and depositing on the world of perfumery all its benevolence and its luminosity. After having been reinterpreted many times for women, Thierry Mugler finally decided to make a male juice out of it in 2018. Highly anticipated, this fragrance is already available in the form of a gift box. So, do not wait any longer to treat yourself or to offer the most bewitching of perfumes for any occasion.

Who is the man for whom Alien Man is destined?

Alien Man by Thierry Mugler sounds like a homecoming in the universe of Thierry Mugler. It is addressed to all demigods who are looking for a better and radiant future. Much more than a simple perfume, it is a sensory experience in its own right.

He takes us into his strange universe and makes us rediscover the beauty of the world around us. Alien Man is like the promise of a blazing elsewhere. He is like a guide charged with light capable of leading us in the right direction. He seems to have an intangible strength in him. Alien Man gives us a new, brighter aura. He seems to have in him all the visionary spirit of the artist Thierry Mugler.

The man who wears this perfume is the master of his destiny. He has in him a force and a positive energy which pushes him to overcome the darkness which inhabits him. Alien Man is the scent of all today’s pioneers in search of a new day. It is a scent of adventure and magnetism.

The smell of Alien Man perfume by Thierry Mugler

Of course, all the elements that make up this new box contain the scent of Alien Man perfume and are perfectly matched to each other. They exude a disturbing elegance and bind extreme scents that everything opposes. On the one hand, Alien Man contains a lively and aromatic freshness based on anise. In that sense, it is vibrant and electrifying. However, he gradually became more reassuring and warm. For this, he plays in the register of leathery fragrances and even dares to overdose leather. It accompanies it with a more apricot osmanthus. Finally, as if to reveal his powerful masculinity to all, it ends with smoked beech bark.

The different elements that make up the Alien Man box set

The Alien Man box comes in a purple hue that has always been associated with the Alien fragrance. However, it is more profound than before, which only amplifies its part of the mystery. On a white velvet case stands out the 50 ml spray of Alien Man. For the occasion, the perfume is accompanied, as a gift, with a 50 ml shampoo. Note that this toiletry product not only allows you to wash your hair but also your body. Thus, it is perfectly suited to the toilet ritual of all busy men of our time.

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