The immediate and prolonged effect of Terracotta Sunless


The immediate and prolonged effect of Terracotta Sunless
The immediate and prolonged effect of Terracotta Sunless

The self-tanner is a fairly recent cosmetic product . Indeed, it was created in the 1990s. It allows to obtain a temporary tan similar to that of a tan but without exposure to the sun. Criticized on its beginnings for its too orangey results, the self-tanner has now been greatly improved. Also, to push its expertise in cosmetology even further, Guerlain has just developed a brand new 2 in 1 product called Terracotta Sunless.

The innovative concept of the Terracotta Sunless

Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunless offers a very interesting idea. This tinted and melting gel makes it possible to obtain the illusion of a tan immediately after its application but lasts several days after it. In other words, Terracotta Sunless gives you the illusion of a larger-than-life tan from the first application. Its effects are visible after just an hour and last for up to four days. On the other hand, this type of product requires real attention during their application. It is important not to forget a part of the body at the risk of leaving lasting traces. Fortunately, the fluid texture of this new product greatly facilitates the task. Likewise, its colorful formula allows you to immediately see where you have already been.

Guerlain takes care of your skin

Terracotta Sunless can also be applied to previously exfoliated skin. Indeed, this makes it possible to obtain a smoother grain and therefore a more even tan. Likewise, its recipe combines a subtle dose of DHA for its self-tanning action with Argan oil for its moisturizing effects. Thus, the regular use of Terracotta Sunless will allow you to obtain a better nourished, smoother and satiny skin day after day.

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