the famous Annayake Cleansing Gel, the secret to smoother skin


the famous Annayake Cleansing Gel, the secret to smoother skin
the famous Annayake Cleansing Gel, the secret to smoother skin

Cleanse your skin gently with Annayake Cleansing Gel

Annayake is a European skincare brand that nevertheless draws its origins from the heart of Japan. Thus, if she has a typically Western expertise, she does not forget her Eastern origins. Treat yourself to an Annayake treatment is like taking a real sensory journey. What’s more, Annayake’s mission is to listen to each woman and provide her with relevant and personalized responses according to her skin needs. But what greater need than to cleanse your skin on a daily basis? For this, Annayake has gathered all her expertise in the heart of a Cleansing Gel.

Why is it so important to remove makeup from your face?

Did you fall asleep on your sofa? Do you lack courage? Do you come home from a too drunken evening? … Once is not customary, you decide not to remove your makeup. Big mistake! Moreover, it should especially not become a habit! Cleaning your face at the end of the day is absolutely essential. Moreover, makeup removal is also necessary if you do not wear makeup. Your skin just needs to be cleansed every night before you go to bed. Over the course of the day, a lot of particles settle on the surface of your skin. This concerns both make-up but also pollution, sebum, and perspiration. All of these tend to clog the pores of your skin and prevent it from breathing properly. Gold, it is during the night that your epidermis works to repair and regenerate it. For this, he must not be asphyxiated. The make-up removal therefore does not hinder his breathing and greatly improves his cellular functioning.

The Annayake Cleansing Gel, an alliance of softness and efficiency

The Cleansing Gel Annayakeis an excellent care product because it is both very effective without damaging the skin. It quickly removes all makeup residue, even the most stubborn or water resistant. Despite this performance, it remains a very respectful product for the epidermis. Annayake Cleansing Gel does not alter the hydrolipidic film of your face. Indeed, your skin is covered with a kind of natural shield which protects it from external aggressions. A product that is too astringent tends to damage it and weaken your skin from day to day. Annayake Cleansing Gel works to preserve your face over time and displays incredible softness. Its surprising texture is transformed into a very fine oil then into a cleansing milk on contact with water. This is precisely how Annayake Cleansing Gel gets to the end of the most stubborn make-up residues. Thus, after its passage, it leaves only perfectly clean and fresh skin. The Annayake Cleansing Gel adapts to all types of skin, and is ideal for daily use.

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