The fabric of Versace, the perfume Blue Jeans


The new fabric of Versace, the perfume Blue Jeans
The new fabric of Versace, the perfume Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans, Versace’s tribute to one of the most famous pants on the planet

Perfumery has the gift of seducing all types of people, whatever their origins, age or gender. However, if there was to be only one garment capable of achieving this same feat, it would probably be jeans. These pants are famous around the world and can be worn for any occasion. It is just as proudly worn by little boys as it is by young women or middle-aged men. Jeans are everywhere, whether in our daily life, in the office or on our screens. To pay homage to him, the Versace house has decided to design a bluish fragrance bearing his name: Blue Jeans.

Blue Jeans by Versace, a fresh and relaxed fragrance

Blue Jeans by Versace is a fragrance for all free and relaxed men. Belonging to the aromatic family of ferns, it sets off on an intense sensation of freshness from citrus fruits, and dominated by bergamot and lime. Its heart, meanwhile, adopts a more woody and masculine style, nevertheless preserving a floral elegance thanks to the freesia. Little by little, Blue Jeans becomes warmer. It fully displays its power of seduction at its base, brilliantly combining vanilla, oak moss, cedar and sandalwood.

The vintage bottle of Blue Jeans

On the scent side, here too, the Versace house has played on relaxation. Her perfume comes in a cylindrical box, which looks like it’s covered with blue jeans in its rawest color. The name of the perfume, Blue Jeans, is displayed there in a very retro style, that one would believe straight out of a western. Moreover, a sheriff’s star is also drawn on this box, while bearing in its center the design of a cowboy playing the guitar. Inside this case hides a perfume bottle with an equally unexpected shape and inspired by an old soda bottle. All in transparency, the latter reveals a blue juice, brilliantly echoing the jeans itself. The set is topped with an opaque black cap.

Do you know where jeans were born?

Now that you know everything about this perfume, it is still necessary to know the origins of jeans to understand the reason which pushed the house of Versace to make this essence. Indeed, jeans are a product born in Italy. And since the Versace house never misses an opportunity to highlight its Mediterranean origins, the idea of ​​making this essence came naturally to it. Of course, at the start, the jeans didn’t really have the shape we know them today. It was a canvas of cotton mixed with linen, and intended rather for the poor. This coarse fabric was produced by the Italians and exported to England from the port of Genoa. The name of the city, pronounced “jeane” by the English gave birth to the jeans that we all know.

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