The Different Perfumes for Prada Women


The Milanese artisan company Prada first developed in leather goods before presenting luxury products. Under the impetus of Miuccia Prada, the creator’s granddaughter, the Prada house is modernizing and giving itself a breath of fresh air. The first fragrance of the Amber pour Femme brand was released in 2004 and will be followed by its male counterpart in 2006. Among the brand’s greatest olfactory successes, we note Candy Prada, Luna Rossa, L’Homme Prada and la Femme Prada. . Released in 2016, the latter is the embodiment of luxury and femininity.

La Femme Prada, a fragrance as elegant as it is sensual

La Femme Prada, a fragrance as elegant as it is sensual
La Femme Prada, a fragrance as elegant as it is sensual

All the elegance of the Prada notes in the Prada Woman

Prada is the specialist for couples and loves to create romantic olfactory versions. Regarding the new couple, the brand says “She could be him, he could be her.” She is an absolute woman, he is an absolute man. There isn’t an obvious definition of their relationship. They could be lovers, friends, or even strangers. Both have multiple identities ”. La Femme Prada  is a floral essence with a capital F, a fragrance full of light and beauty.

With its luxury, La Femme Prada stands out as a creation opposed to daring and sassy fragrances, like Candy Prada. Signed Danièla Andrier, the composition will begin with tones of beeswax associated with spicy touches. The heart is ultra feminine and very elegant, because it combines frangipani flower, tuberose, ylang-ylang and iris which here offers a powdery appearance. The base is smooth thanks to the presence of vanilla and vetiver.


The Prada Woman Intense, sensual and feminine

The Prada Woman Intense, sensual and feminine
The Prada Woman Intense, sensual and feminine

The very floral composition of the Prada Intense Woman

La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is a fragrance that truly plays on its sensuality and does not hesitate to highlight its typically feminine assets. However, it does not fall into the cliché, this nectar likes to emphasize the uniqueness of women and seems to unite on its own several very distinct temperaments. As a result, its composition plays on many contrasts. Very assertive and very contrasting, the composition begins with the luminosity of the tuberose.

Ultra feminine, the heart is filled with ylang-ylang. Finally, the base focuses on patchouli to leave a most feminine trail. The bottle uses the codes of its predecessor. Very structured, it harmoniously blends modernity and tradition, and features a rounded back and a flat front face. Previously decorated in white, its back is now tinted with a more intense and more passionate burgundy red. Its front face has swapped its yellow gold for a more amber color. All of this reveals the embossed letters of the Prada logo in relief on its front face.


The Prada l’Eau Woman, light and so feminine

The Prada l'Eau Woman, light and so feminine
The Prada l’Eau Woman, light and so feminine

The aerial composition of the Prada l’Eau Woman

Here, the Prada brand presents a new version of the Prada Woman with La Femme Prada l’Eau . If Danièla Andrier is not the official perfumer of the brand, it is nevertheless she who produces the majority of the brand’s perfumes, such as the famous olfactory couple “L’Homme et la Femme Prada”. Just as feminine as its elders, the Prada l’Eau Woman version is however lighter, more airy. The composition takes off on the freshness of mandarin associated with the frangipani flower. The very feminine heart is filled with tuberose and ylang-ylang.

Finally, the base is an accord of woody notes. The bottle retains the silhouette of its initial bottle. Only its color and texture have changed. The first, its front face, is perfectly smooth and a particularly refined golden hue. The bottom of this bottle is curved and covered with a texture of pale pink leather, a sort of echo to the world of Prada leather goods.


Star of the Prada house, the olfactory couple Prada Man and Woman has a very luxurious and ultra elegant appearance. The Prada Woman is refined, very feminine and its bottle of the most chic. All its variations are by turns sensual, delicate, fresh, airy, but all the fragrances keep in mind the luxurious aspect of the Prada brand.

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