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For more than 180 years now, the Guerlain house has been telling us the most romantic and elegant stories. Each of its perfumes has the gift of transporting us into a world of its own, sometimes drawing inspiration from more or less famous people, exotic places or anecdotal stories. Today, Guerlain still reveals its creativity to us in countless make-up products, some of which, like the Meteorites, are real bestsellers. So, how about finding out more about Guerlain’s various loose powders?

Guerlain Meteorites

Guerlain Meteorites
Guerlain Meteorites

Guerlain Meteorites, a cult product

Guerlain Meteorites are not a product like any other. Appeared in 1987, they are little balls of color that can boast of having revolutionized the world of make-up. The Guerlain Meteorites are stars of beauty. The latter hold the secret of the Poussière d’Etoile technology, patented by Guerlain. In other words, they contain a light-creating polymer. They have the power to give a pure glow to the face in one simple pass.

The different colors of Guerlain Meteorites

The small case of the Guerlain Meteorites contains a whole range of pearls of different colors. The latter have a very specific function. White is used to mattify the skin. Yellow fights against redness. Pink brings freshness to the face. The mauve catches the light. Combined together, these little pearls make your face look more radiant.

Loose powder Les Voilettes

Loose Powder The Voilettes The Loose Powder The Voilettes
Loose powder Les Voilettes

Les Voilettes Loose Powder, for more mattness and fixation

The Loose Powder Guerlain’s veils is a transparent powder that brings a copy definition to your makeup. First of all, it ensures the mattness of your skin throughout the day. Then, she fixes the makeup from early morning until evening. Its velvet texture is deposited with finesse on your face. Therefore, while being imperceptible, it only sublimates your pretty face.

The floral scent of Les Voilettes Loose Powder

For an even more intoxicating sensory experience, Les Voilettes de Guerlain Loose Powder is enriched with a scent of violet. This retro-style plant turns out to be very refined here. This is yet another original way for Guerlain to highlight its ancestral know-how as a perfumer …

Guerlain has been exploring the world of beauty for over 180 years now. In nearly two centuries of history, the brand has carried out a great deal of scientific research to constantly improve its products. Consequently, its loose powders are the result of extraordinary know-how. Particularly effective in improving the tenacity of your make-up and making your face more radiant, they also benefit from all of Guerlain’s expertise in perfumery, enriched with ever more intoxicating scents. So what are you waiting for to succumb to temptation?

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