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2018 is a particularly important year for the Guerlain house. Indeed, this is an anniversary date since the brand will celebrate its 190 years of creation. With such longevity, you can imagine that Guerlain is one of the oldest brands in France. Initially specializing in the world of perfumery, she gradually widened her sector of activity, until reaching the world of make-up. For example, compact foundations recently joined Guerlain’s shelves, to the delight of women. So let’s take a closer look at these exceptional products …

Guerlain Gold Set

Guerlain Gold Set
Guerlain Gold Set

Parure Gold by Guerlain, a foundation enriched with golden pigments

Guerlain’s Parure Gold compact foundation has a luminous shine. Its formula is enriched with precious golden pigments that deposit a radiant and rejuvenating light on your skin. Ultra sensory, this foundation combines comfort and hold. From its application, it follows the shape of your face, without ever marking the features and without any heaviness. Its lightness gives it a very natural look. Your face immediately appears smoother and more uniform, while still preserving its personality.

The wide variety of colors of Parure Gold compact foundation

To best suit your skin tone, Guerlain’s Parure Gold compact foundation is available in a multitude of different shades. Each color displays a natural rendering and exceptional luminosity. These products instantly erase the effects of time and fatigue. What is more, they are enriched with ideal daily sun protection, which protects your skin from external aggressions, and in particular from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Guerlain Compact Skin Lingerie

Guerlain Compact Skin Lingerie
Guerlain Compact Skin Lingerie

The mattifying veil of the Lingerie de Peau Compact foundation by Guerlain

Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau compact foundation contains a powder infused with porous silica that forms a mattifying veil on your face. Its long-lasting texture gives you a perfect complexion and a natural look all day long. The background color Lingerie Compact Guerlain Skin is enriched stretchs very elastic beads that fit each movement and each volume of your face. Thus, the Compact Skin Lingerie from Guerlain gives you a feeling of flexibility and absolute comfort.

The double applicator of the Lingerie de Peau Compact foundation

The Lingerie de Peau Compact foundation is also supplied with a double-sided sponge. On the one hand, its cells capture the foundation and facilitate its application. On the other hand, it is a flocked sponge that refines every hollow of your face and smoothes out its contours. The latter eliminates any excess material, giving you a natural makeup.

Guerlain is an exceptional brand which has to its credit more than 1,100 olfactory creations. However, his innovations do not stop there and also materialize in a vast universe of cosmetics and make-up. Moreover, these two worlds come together in each of Guerlain’s compact foundation formulas. The latter brilliantly combine Guerlain’s know-how in the field of make-up and its in-depth knowledge in terms of skin care. Guerlain’s compact foundations guarantee you radiant skin from early morning until night, further enhanced with application.

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