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The Different Elie Saab Perfumes


Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who loves to sublimate women, in all possible ways. His first creations wanted to be as refined as they were feminine and Elie Saab wasted no time in entering the world of fashion. The couturier will also launch his first perfume on the day of his Fall-Winter 2011/2012 haute couture collection. Elie Saab le Parfum will thus link perfumery to haute couture. The fragrance is ultra feminine with an undisguised chic. Luminous, the Elie Saab perfume is undoubtedly the perfume of an elegant and naturally beautiful woman.

Élie Saab le Perfume, femininity at its peak

Élie Saab le Perfume, femininity at its peak
Élie Saab le Perfume, femininity at its peak

The ultra-luminous notes of Élie Saab le Parfum

Here, Elie Saab depicts a glamorous, feminine and truly radiant woman. Élie Saab le Parfum will therefore naturally sublimate the couturier’s clothes, offering women an additional asset of seduction, as another way of being beautiful. Elie Saab Le Parfum contributes to giving a touch of magic and an extra element of dream to a haute couture outfit. It expresses a sensual and luminous femininity, lying between the charm of the East and the contemporary spirit of the West.

The composition is signed by the very talented perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, and soars to the luminosity of orange blossom. Its heart continues on this momentum thanks to the presence of jasmine absolute, combined with patchouli. Finally, the base combines cedar wood, honey and rose. The bottle seems to have been thought of as a jewel. Entirely made of glass, the bottle has an extraordinary transparency and luminosity that allows you to admire the pale pink color of the precious nectar.

Élie Saab le Parfum Rose Couture, the sublimated woman

Élie Saab le Parfum Rose Couture, the sublimated woman
Élie Saab le Parfum Rose Couture, the sublimated woman

The rose in the heart of Elie Saab le Parfum Rose Couture

The new version of Elie Saab, the Rose Couture Perfume  is even more feminine and more elegant than its predecessor. The rose, symbol of femininity par excellence, will bewitch the entire composition here. In Elie Saab the Rose Couture Perfume, it is the white rose that will embody the woman and the romanticism that surrounds her. The composition, still signed Francis Kurkdjian, begins with the luminous notes of orange blossom.

At the heart, they are associated with jasmine, peony, and the rose which is here worked with honey to offer a rose honey radiant with light. The base will combine patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. The bottle uses the same codes as its predecessor. However, the case is intended to be more slender and its dazzling glass lets its pale pink nectar shine through, as if to echo the rose …

Élie Saab l’Eau Couture, between freshness and softness

Élie Saab l'Eau Couture, between freshness and softness
Élie Saab l’Eau Couture, between freshness and softness

Spring tones in the heart of Elie Saab l’Eau Couture

With L ‘ Eau Couture , the harmony between woman and nature seems fusional. The fragrance unveils this very special and ephemeral moment when the flowers begin to bloom, at the very beginning of spring. Like a floral whisper, Elie Saab echoes a femininity full of softness and freshness. Filled with feminine emotions, the fragrance radiates with its natural beauty.

Also imagined by Francis Kurkdjian, the composition begins with the lemon and pink notes of magnolia, associated with bergamot. The heart is filled with orange blossom, and the base is composed of an accord between vanilla and green almond. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its predecessor. Always so chic and elegant, the nectar here is crystalline green in color, as if to echo the freshness of nature.

Élie Saab le Parfum In White, ultra-feminine purity

Élie Saab le Parfum In White, ultra-feminine purity
Élie Saab le Parfum In White, ultra-feminine purity

The opulence of jasmine and white musks sublimate the fragrance Élie Saab le Parfum In White

Always so chic and modern, the Élie Saab le Parfum In White version is dressed in purity thanks to the white color. Elie Saab in White is a perfect union between the luminosity of jasmine and the voluptuousness of white musks. White is considered the synthesis of all other colors. It is true that the color white is often associated with balance and perfection. White is also the color linked to marriage and purity and is therefore displayed as a divine symbol. It is a color that offers an unusual innocence. The composition takes off on a floral-fruity association with the presence of orange blossom and blackcurrant.

The heart is filled with jasmine. Finally, the ultra sensual base combines patchouli, amber and white musks. Similar to a cube cut from a diamond, the bottle has its origin in the emblematic bottle of the house of Elie Saab. Thanks to all its prisms, the bottle perfectly reflects the light as well as the white color, symbol of perfect purity.

Between haute couture and perfumery, Élie Saab le Parfum unveils the quintessence of femininity. Both chic and modern, the variations nevertheless remain faithful to the elegance and refinement of women. All of Elie Saab’s fragrances are luminous and teeming with jasmine, the feminine flower par excellence. Like a diamond, the bottle has been designed to resemble a real jewel. It thus offers a final touch of refinement to the composition.


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