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The Chanel brand represents French chic all over the world. Bold and truly avant-garde, the young Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique in 1910. Through her creations, her perfumes, her attitude, she will help women to assert themselves and contribute to the liberation of morals. Simplicity and elegance will then be its key words. Among his greatest olfactory successes, we note the legendary N ° 5, Allure, Christalle, Égoïste, Antaeus, Chance and Coco. Imagined in 1984, the Coco fragrance is a true tribute to Gabrielle Chanel, who was nicknamed Coco.

Coco Chanel, the soul of Gabrielle Chanel at the heart of a perfume bottle


Coco Chanel, the soul of Gabrielle Chanel at the heart of a perfume bottle
Coco Chanel, the soul of Gabrielle Chanel at the heart of a perfume bottle

The luxurious notes of Coco Chanel

Coco was Gabrielle Chanel’s nickname when she was 20. Through the Coco fragrance, Jacques Polge wanted to highlight the complex and unusual personality of Gabrielle Chanel. Indeed, the designer knew how to impose herself in a world of men, at a time when women had no place. In the Coco fragrance, it is all the intensity of its character that we find. Filled with oriental and solar notes, Coco Chanel is also a fragrance that invites us to travel and escape.

The fragrance begins with the fruity notes of mandarin and peach, enhanced by those of coriander. Its heart combines mimosa, orange blossom, rose and clove. Finally, the base is very sensual thanks to the presence of vanilla, sandalwood, civet and amber.



Coco Eau de Toilette, an ultra captivating fragrance

Coco Eau de Toilette, an ultra captivating fragrance
Coco Eau de Toilette, an ultra captivating fragrance

Floral-oriental notes at the heart of Coco Eau de Toilette

If the Eau de Toilette still symbolizes the personality of Gabrielle Chanel, it also represents the intensity of her character and her taste for the Baroque. Gabrielle Chanel cultivated, in fact, the art of paradox and that of baroque style aesthetics, a style that inspired her in particular to furnish her apartment on rue Cambon. Coco Eau de Toilette tells the whimsical and solar side of Mademoiselle’s extraordinary personality.

The composition takes off on the fruity freshness of mandarin and peach, enhanced by coriander. Its heart is predominantly floral, because it combines rose, jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. Its base is extremely sensual and associates vanilla, sandalwood, civet and amber. Rectangular and refined, the bottle takes up the style of the house of Chanel. For maximum elegance, it is topped with a black lacquered cabochon.


Coco Noir, Mademoiselle’s magnetism at its peak

Coco Noir, Mademoiselle's magnetism at its peak
Coco Noir, Mademoiselle’s magnetism at its peak

The captivating tones of Coco Noir

At the time when Gabrielle Chanel began to wear black by democratizing it, black was a color reserved for funerals as well as for the period of mourning. For Gabrielle, black is nevertheless a color that sublimates women, but it is also the color that she knew throughout her childhood and which reminds her of the monastic rigor of the Aubazine orphanage. Thanks to Mademoiselle, black has become a simple and elegant color.

Through Coco Noir , Jacques Polge wanted to push his tribute to the dark side of his creator. The composition begins with the association of grapefruit, bergamot and rose berry. The heart is exclusively floral and combines jasmine, geranium, narcissus, rose. The base combines sandalwood from New Caledonia, tonka bean from South America, and patchouli from Indonesia. Woody and musky, the finish is also loaded with vetiver, embellished with incense, cedarwood, Bourbon vanilla and white musks.


Surnommée Coco dans sa jeunesse, Gabrielle Chanel réussit à créer un empire et à s’imposer dans un monde d’hommes, à une époque où les femmes n’étaient pas les bienvenues. À travers la fragrance Coco, Jacques Polge, alors parfumeur officiel de la brand, a souhaité rendre hommage non seulement à la personnalité de Mademoiselle, mais aussi à son audace et à ses choix. Ses déclinaisons sont tour à tour, sensuelles, profondes, mais toutes restent identiques à Gabrielle Chanel, sublimes.

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