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Clinique is, to this day, one of the leaders in the global beauty industry. For several years now, the brand has been one of the 10 biggest brands in the world of cosmetics. “Clinique’s success is largely due to its mission of radical innovation in as many aspects of its business as possible,” said Lynne Greene, president of the global brand of Clinique products . Thus, the brand has jointly developed several sectors of activity, in a large make-up department. So how about giving your smile the best with its wide range of lipsticks?

Dramatically Different Lipstick

Dramatically Different Lipstick
Dramatically Different Lipstick

Dramatically Different Lipstick, the trendy lipstick from Clinique

More than ever, nude makeup never ceases to make us dream as it exudes a natural beauty, a fresh complexion and eye shadow like lipsticks with a slightly shiny finish or a satin effect that offers our skin an intense glow. It is precisely for women who are looking for a lipstick with trendy colors while being formulated as a treatment that Clinique has created Dramatically Different Lipstick Contour Parfait. Indeed, the lipsticks of the Dramatically Different Lipstick range respond to the great trend of the moment that is nude makeup thanks to their long-lasting color, delicate pinks, luminous beiges as well as bright and very feminine reds.

But this pretty Clinique lipstick not only has a range of sublime colors, its tip has been sculpted in such a way that, as the name suggests, it is possible to obtain a perfect lip contour with a cupid’s bow drawn in such a way. clear. A properly defined cupid bow will bring more light to your lips and achieve a perfect mouth. Your makeup will look like it was done by a professional, and your lips will be beautiful and plumped.

With a Clinique lipstick, you no longer need a beauty trick to draw a clean lip contour, you just need to use the Dramatically Different Lipstick.

Combine a beauty treatment with high quality pigments for Clinique’s Dramatically Different

The Clinique care, perfume and make-up house has always attached great importance to the quality of its products. Especially when it comes to make-up, Clinique takes great pleasure in not only offering trendy products, but also keeping what has made it the leader in the cosmetics market, skincare of course.

Historically, Clinique was first a creator of skin care products, which in the 1960s offered the first fragrance and allergen-free cosmetic ranges, as if your moisturizer had been formulated in a “clinic”. Logically enough, Clinique is committed to ensuring that each make-up product retains this quality of care.

Thus, Clinique’s Dramatically Different lipstick contains, in addition to its long-lasting color, a 3D core rich in peptides and smoothing active ingredients. Used day after day, not only does your Dramatically Different lipstick bring intense color to your mouth, it also deeply repairs it by moisturizing it and therefore erasing the effects of aging. More supple and softer, your lips are luminous.

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color
Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color

Trendy colors of Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color

Clinique’s Pop Matte Lip Color is a small tube of particularly pigmented lipstick, which gives your smile a matte and pop color that does not fade for 8 consecutive hours. Its formula does not create any material effect and glides finely over your mouth, for easy and uniform application. Its creamy sweetness is particularly appreciable. The color of Clinique’s Pop Matte Lip Color ensures optimal coverage, without ever damaging the lips.

The protective effect of Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color

Despite its tenacity, Clinique’s Pop Matte Lip Color does not dry out the lips. For this, it contains a moisturizing base. Clinique’s Pop Matte Lip Color leaves a creamy veil on your mouth that keeps you comfortable all day long. Clinique’s Pop Matte Lip Color is the number one matte lipstick that does not damage the mouth.

Clinique’s Intense Red Pop

 Clinique's Intense Red Pop
Clinique’s Intense Red Pop

Clinique’s Pop Rouge Intense, for vibrant color

Just as intense but more satiny, the Pop Rouge Intense by Clinique draws you a plump and irresistible smile. Available in an infinity of different colors, it gives free rein to all your desires. Its color immediately reappears from its little colored tube. Her outfit, meanwhile, is flawless. Thus, Clinique’s Intense Red Pop leaves a bright and shiny color on your smile that lasts all day long.

The beneficial formula of Intense Pop Rouge by Clinique

Le Pop Rouge Intense de Clinique vous séduira aussi par sa formule enrichie en polymères, ainsi qu’en beurre de Shea et de Murmuru. Ces ingrédients hydratent intensément la peau et assurent votre confort en continu. Grâce à eux, le Pop Rouge Intense ne se contente pas de maquiller votre bouche. Il la rend également plus belle de jour en jour.

Le High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique

Clinique's High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact
Le High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique

Le High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique, un rouge à lèvres longue tenue

Le premier point fort du High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique réside dans sa tenue exceptionnelle. Haut en couleurs, il affiche une teinte sublime et une tenue irréprochable durant 8 heures. Décliné dans de nombreuses couleurs différentes, il dépose sur votre bouche un fini satiné. Ce maquillage se décline dans neuf coloris différents, allant de tonalités nude à des nuances beaucoup plus prononcées.

Le confort absolu du High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique

Non content de maquiller votre bouche, le High Impact Lip Coulour Rouge Impact de Clinique la rend également plus confortable. Chacune de ses formules est ultra hydratante. Ce rouge à lèvres glisse sur votre peau et apporte à votre sourire un effet lissant et soyeux.

Si les rouges à lèvres de Clinique intègrent tant d’ingrédients bienfaisants pour votre peau, c’est tout simplement parce qu’il s’agit là de l’une des toutes premières enseignes de cosmétiques de prestige à avoir était créée par des dermatologues. Si Clinique est aujourd’hui mondialement célèbre, elle n’en a rien oublié de ses origines. Ainsi, chacun de ses produits actuels est encore soumis à de nombreux tests d’allergie. Vous avez la peau fragile ? Les rouges à lèvres de Clinique sont faits pour vous !

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