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Founded in 1982, the Jean-Paul Gaultier house reflects the personality of the couturier, namely original and unconventional. Between provocation and freedom of mind, Jean-Paul Gaultier then established himself as an essential image of French fashion. If he masters the art of shocking, he perfectly masters elegance. With its bustiers with iconic breasts, the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand will go around the world. Building on this success, the brand launched into perfumery in 1992, with an ultra-feminine fragrance, Classique. With its variations, the first fragrance of the enfant terrible of fashion sublimates, once again, all women.

Classic, femininity pushed to its peak

Classique Essence de Perfume, revisiting feminine sensuality
Classique Essence de Perfume, revisiting feminine sensuality

The magnificent floral bouquet of Classique Jean-Paul Gaultier

In 1992, the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand released its first fragrance. If the latter embodies femininity according to the creator, Classique draws on the past to appropriate a scent of today. The smell of Classique is indeed inspired by ancient rice powders, but also by the smell of “old” lipsticks. The result will be an ultra feminine essence, the perfect embodiment of the woman according to Jean-Paul. Classique is an oriental and floral fragrance that takes off on the freshness of lemon and bergamot, associated with orange blossom.

The heart is composed of a magnificent bouquet of flowers, rose, jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang, enhanced by notes of ginger. Finally, the base combines vanilla and amber. Shaped like a feminine corset, the bottle is a true tribute of the couturier to women, even if the bust is inspired by Madonna’s body, also reminiscent of the busts once used by seamstresses. To the bust, there are also corset and garter belts in polished glass which definitely sublimate the woman’s body.


Classique Essence de Perfume, revisiting feminine sensuality

Classique Essence de Perfume, revisiting feminine sensuality
Classique Essence de Perfume, revisiting feminine sensuality

Desirable notes at the heart of Classique Essence de Parfum

In 2016, the brand presents a revisit of its first fragrance with Classique Essence de Parfum . The latter offers a new version of femininity with a silhouette also redesigned, since the bottle has fewer breasts, but more hips. Classique Eau de Parfum gives off spicy scents and frankly displays the fiery temperament of the new woman, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Produced by Daphné Bugey, the composition begins with the tone of ginger, associated with aldehydes, for a more airy side. Its heart is ultra luminous, because it combines jasmine and orange blossom. Finally, its base is original since it combines whipped cream with vanilla and amber woods for a most sensual result. If the bottle has been modernized, it obviously takes the famous bust of Jean-Paul Gaultier and here lets glimpse the amber color of the precious nectar.


Classic Intense, exacerbated femininity

Classic Intense, exacerbated femininity
Classic Intense, exacerbated femininity

The timeless corset represents Classic Intense Jean-Paul Gaultier

To represent his new version, Jean-Paul Gaultier presents Classique l’Eau de Parfum Intense , an oriental and radiant floral. Intensely glamorous, the niche fragrance symbolizes femininity in all its glory. You should know that the original fragrance is a tribute to the couturier’s grandmother. Indeed, it is to her that he owes his apprenticeship in sewing, and it is she who has always supported him. Always as feminine as its eldest, Classique Intense reveals an exacerbated femininity.

Here, the floral and sparkling fragrance claims its radiant sensuality filled with seduction. The composition of Classique Intense was produced by the talented Francis Kurkdjian, and begins with the Tiare flower associated here with the pomegranate. Its heart is the same with the combination of orange blossom and jasmine. Finally, the base is ultra sensual with the presence of patchouli and vanilla.


Femme fatale, but also an elegant and sensual woman, Classique is the representation of femininity according to Jean-Paul Gaultier . Always so unconventional, he signs here a fragrance and unique variations with a bust bust bottle, reminiscent of the one he had created for Madonna. Dazzling, Classique is above all unique, because it is a fragrance that is unlike any other.

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