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The first Clarins beauty institute was created in 1954. The objective of this place was above all to “pay homage to women out of love and respect for their beauty”. Then, little by little, Clarins developed its own range of treatments. Today, the brand has come a long way to become the leader in luxury cosmetics in the world. To further enhance feminine beauty, Clarins also offers its clients a whole range of make-up. Focus on the brand’s pencils and liners.

The Khôl pencil from Clarins

The Khôl pencil from Clarins
The Khôl pencil from Clarins

The Crayon Khôl from Clarins, for a glowing look

The Crayon Khôl by Clarins is directly inspired by oriental tradition. Indeed, kohl is one of the oldest makeup products there is. Here, it preserves tradition while complementing the latest beauty technology. The Crayon Khôl from Clarins displays remarkable tenacity and draws an intensely pigmented line on your eyes. Its soft texture adapts perfectly to the delicate area inside the eye. The Crayon Khôl from Clarins offers perfect glide for a precise and comfortable line.

The multiple colors of the Crayon Khôl by Clarins

If kohl is traditionally black, Clarins is available this time in 7 different colors. On the one hand, a mine draws a precise line on your eyes. On the other, a small tip serves to blend the color to create a more shadowy and dark look. The set displays a remarkable hold, from the first pass.

The Waterproof Eye Pencil

The Waterproof Eye Pencil
The Waterproof Eye Pencil

The Eye Pencil, a timeless make-up product

The Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil is a beauty staple. Easy to use and very intuitive, it allows you to draw a precise line on the eye contour. Here, the Waterproof Eye Crayon will seduce you with its soft and creamy texture. Very pigmented, it offers incredible intensity without ever irritating the eyelid.

The waterproof formula of Clarins Eye Pencil

The Waterproof Eye Pencil is available in three different colors and thus adapts to all your desires. Each of its formulas displays an exemplary outfit. In this case, the Waterproof Eye Pencil is not afraid of water or excess sebum. Its waterproof format makes it the best everyday companion. All that remains is a graphic look, sublimated from morning to night.

Le Graphik Ink Liner Long Lasting Felt Eyeliner

Le Graphik Ink Liner Long Lasting Felt Eyeliner
Le Graphik Ink Liner Long Lasting Felt Eyeliner

Graphik Ink, an intuitive Felt Eyeliner

Traditionally, women applied makeup to their eyes with either a pencil or liquid eyeliner. However, now, it is indeed the felt liner that is on the rise! Very trendy, it offers greater ease of application. The Graphik Ink Liner Eyeliner Felt Long Wear from Clarins is very easy to use and will allow you to get your eye makeup right the first time.

The intense and tenacious color of Graphik Ink Liner Eyeliner Felt

The Graphik Ink Liner Long Wear Felt Eyeliner has a color as intense as a classic fluid eyeliner. Its pure pigments catch the light and immediately give more density to its color. Its precise layout then withstands all tests. However, the Graphik Ink Liner Eyeliner Felt Long Wear removes make-up very easily, which preserves the beauty of your eyes over the long term.

The 3-Dot Liner

The 3-Dot Liner
The 3-Dot Liner

The revolutionary 3-Dot Liner applicator

The Clarins 3-Dot Liner surprises above all with its new generation applicator. This has the shape of a trident. What a funny idea, you will tell me! This system simply allows you to fill the space between each of your eyelashes point by point. Immediately, the 3-Dot Liner naturally enriches the eyes and emphasizes the depth of your eyes. Easy to apply, the 3-Dot Liner gives you a rendering worthy of a professional!

The intense color of 3-Dot Liner

In addition to its applicator, the 3-Dot Liner has a very pigmented and intense color. What’s more, this new generation makeup product also takes care of your eyes. Its unique formula promotes lash growth and lashes become more beautiful and stronger with application.

Le maquillage Clarins est aujourd’hui réputé aux quatre coins du globe car il a été le premier à intégrer les soins dans ses formules. Désormais, Clarins n’envisage plus de concevoir un maquillage sans une touche de cosmétiques sublimant encore davantage la peau féminine. Les crayons et liners Clarins possèdent de nombreuses propriétés bienfaisantes pour sublimer votre regard et le traiter avec douceur. Clarins a fait de la préservation de votre équilibre cutané sa priorité et les femmes n’en deviennent ainsi que plus rayonnantes de jour en jour.

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