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The different Clarins Care Waters


Symbol of respect for the skin, the Clarins brand was created in 1954. Since then, the brand has never stopped imagining products from nature and plants. In 1968, Jacques Courtin-Clarins developed a range of 100% pure natural oils extracted from plants. In order to guarantee the excellence of all their products, the Clarins brand controls the production chain from “A to Z”. Its Eaux de Soin collection allows you to smell and feel good. Clarins energizing water was created in 1987 and symbolizes one of the greatest successes of the Clarins brand.

L’Eau Dynamisante, a timeless Treatment Water

L'Eau Dynamisante, a timeless Treatment Water
L’Eau Dynamisante, a timeless Treatment Water

Aromatherapy and phytotherapy at the heart of Eau Dynamisante

In 1987, Clarins imagined Eau Dynamisante , a fragrance that also claims to be an Eau de Soin. The latter combines the intoxicating scent of plants with beneficial properties for the body. You should know that the Dynamic Water contains seven plant extracts as well as 8 essential oils. They help to bring suppleness and tone to the skin. The Eau Dynamisante is a Care Water that perfectly hydrates the skin, leaving behind a delicious scent.

Indeed, Eau Dynamisante begins with the liveliness of lemon. It is accompanied by the liveliness of ginseng as well as more aromatic tones, such as thyme, rosemary, basil. The heart is loaded with cumin, coriander and lily of the valley. Finally, the base will combine patchouli, oak moss, rose and white musks.


Eau Ressourçante, between freshness and serenity

Eau Ressourçante, between freshness and serenity
Eau Ressourçante, between freshness and serenity

The comfort cloud of Resourcing Water

In 2003, Clarins offered a new treatment combined with a fragrance with L’Eau Ressourçante . The latter is a fresh and particularly serene treatment water. Here, it’s time for relaxation. Like Eau Dynamisante, Eau Ressourçante combines scent with the action of plants. This sums up the Clarins philosophy wonderfully, according to which “feeling good and smelling good” is the basis of feminine beauty. A unique compound of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Eau Ressourçante offers many virtues.

The composition takes off on the basil. The heart is filled with irises of Florence. Finally, Virginia cedar and Siamese benzoin in base notes offer a floral-woody accord. The ultra dynamic round bottle is back here. It wears sky blue for the occasion, the color of serenity par excellence.


L’Eau des Jardins, a country garden in the heart of summer

L'Eau des Jardins, a country garden in the heart of summer
L’Eau des Jardins, a country garden in the heart of summer

The sunny notes of Eau des Jardins

After the success of Eau Dynamisante, Eau des Jardins  “offers a flowery fragrance whose scents remind us of the freshness of summer. Exceptional fragrance-care, Eau des Jardins once again combines the virtues of aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Eau des Jardins lets fresh and above all very subtle scents shine through, immediately transporting us to the heart of a country garden filled with the first flowers of summer. Its composition opens with the zesty notes of essential oils, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and orange, combined with the tone of blackcurrant.

The heart is filled with laurel and mint, combined with rose. The trail is woody and musky thanks to the presence of patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver and white musks. If the bottle of happiness uses the main codes as that of its elders, here it sports a yellow-golden color that inevitably reminds us of the colors of spring flowers.


Between Perfume and Eau de Soin, Water Dynamisante , Ressourçante Water and Water gardens offer many virtues to our body but also our mind. Made using essential oils, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Clarins Care Eaux is a total delight. They leave hydration, suppleness and benefits on the skin.

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