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The Clinique brand originated in the United States in the 1960s. From the start, the concept of the brand was simple. Beauty and cosmetic products should be offered which have been tested by doctors, mainly dermatologists. 100% fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, the Clinique brand immediately seduces. The release of the Aromatics Elixir perfume in 1972 turned out to go against the grain of the brand’s policy. Very different from the sanitized image that Clinique possessed at that time, Aromatics Elixir was then defined as a perfume with a strong character.

Aromatics Elixir, a fragrance of character

Aromatics Elixir, a fragrance of character
Aromatics Elixir, a fragrance of character

The chypre family in the spotlight with Aromatics Elixir

Upon its release, Aromatics Elixir was a huge success in the United States. Representing the chypre olfactory family, hitherto fallen into disuse, Aromatics Elixir conveys the idea of ​​a new olfactory chic. Bernard Chant, perfumer in charge of the composition, has succeeded in imagining a timeless and unconventional perfume. Unique with a very assertive character, Aromatics Elixir is noticed from its first aldehyde notes thanks to its metallic accents. Its “soapy” side is also reminiscent of the legendary Chanel N ° 5. The composition takes off on aromatic scents of chamomile, verbena, geranium and clary sage.

Its heart is a floral chypre bouquet that combines Bulgarian rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose. The base combines vetiver, oak moss and patchouli. With its appearance of an apothecary vial, Aromatics Elixir looks like a magic potion from another time.


 Aromatics Elixir Premier, a fresh and retro variation

Aromatics Elixir Premier, a fresh and retro variation
Aromatics Elixir Premier, a fresh and retro variation

The flowery facet of Aromatics Elixir Premier

In 2017, Clinique decided to reinterpret its star fragrance, Aromatics Elixir. Aromatics Elixir Premier is a fragrance that has retained all the soul of its predecessor. Far from fashion trends, Aromatics Elixir Premier embodies an art of living. Mysterious and captivating, Aromatics Elixir Premier is a rare fragrance that appeals to all who approach it. The composition begins with the freshness of bergamot, associated with the aromatic tone of verbena.

The heart is floral-chypre and combines rose, jasmine, tuberose and patchouli. Finally, the base mixes myrrh, oak moss, vetiver and musks. The bottle has exchanged its simplicity with a very worked glass. In the shape of a transparent pebble, the glass is sculpted with a flower on the front, letting the golden yellow color of the precious nectar shine through.


Aromatics in White, a fragrance full of promise …

Aromatics in White, a fragrance full of promise ...
Aromatics in White, a fragrance full of promise …

The Magnetic Alchemy of Aromatics in White

In 2014, the Clinique brand returned to the forefront with Aromatics in White . Aromatics in Withe is an olfactory inspiration loaded with promise. Its fragrance deploys a trail that is both mysterious and ultra seductive. Designed for the body as much as for the mind, Aromatics in Withe surrounds your body in ultra sensual velvet. Unique, Aromatics in Withe is the scent of an elegant, very feminine and confident woman.

Aromatics in Withe is a truly magnetic fragrance. It is intended for women who want a unique fragrance, a fragrance that follows in the footsteps of its elder. The fragrance begins with notes of violet contrasting with those of Sichuan pepper and cistus labdanum. The heart combines rose water and orange blossom. The base delivers amber and musky tones with the presence of ambergris, benzoin and musks. The bottle uses the main codes of its predecessor, but is adorned for the occasion in lacquered white with an ultra modern design.


Aromatics in Black, seduction at its peak

Aromatics in Black, seduction at its peak
Aromatics in Black, seduction at its peak

The floral notes of Aromatics in Black

En 2015, Clinique une nouvelle déclinaison de sa fragrance star avec Aromatics in Black. Parfum oriental et floral intense, Aromatics in Black dégage immédiatement un pouvoir ensorceleur qui semble magnétiser tous ceux qui l’approchent. Aromatics in Black éveille les sens tout en envoutant le corps. La composition dégage des senteurs mystérieuses et l’accord fruité est agrémenté de fleurs exotiques comme la fleur d’Osmanthus. Aromatics in Black nous entraine au cœur d’une douce sensualité et le mystère qui l’entoure la rend encore plus envoutante.

La composition s’envole sur les notes vivifiantes du pamplemousse rose et de la bergamote d’Italie. Celles-ci sont associées à des feuilles de prunier. Le cœur mêle la fleur de Néroli et de la fleur d’Osmanthus. Le fond est composé de vétiver et de fève tonka. Le flacon reprend les lignes de ses ainés. Pour l’occasion, il arbore une couleur noire des plus irrésistible. Le bouchon, de la même couleur, est souligné du traditionnel liseré doré.

Sorti en 1974, Aromatics Elixir est un parfum unique qui va à contre-courant de la mode de l’époque. Séduisante et inoubliable, la fragrance a donné naissance à plusieurs déclinaisons. Entre sensualité, douceur et mystère, les déclinaisons d’Aromatics Elixir offrent aux femmes, un sentiment de féminité intense, puissant et résolument unique.

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