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The composition of the perfume This is Him!


The composition of the perfume This is Him!
The composition of the perfume This is Him!

This is Him, the woody and sensual cocktail of Zadig & Voltaire

This is Her and This is Him… Two names that are both close and yet distant. One is masculinity itself while the other is the embodiment of absolute femininity. One is the dark side and the other is purity. So, if This is Her is described as a gourmet, floral and woody fragrance, let’s take a closer look at what its male counterpart is made up of …

This is Him, the elaboration of a four-handed duo

These are two talented perfumers who worked on the development of the perfume This is Him . This one is signed by the famous noses Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard. Nathalie Lorson very quickly chose to make a profession of creation and that is how she turned to the art of perfumery. It then showed itself to be avant-garde for its time. Indeed, in the 80s, this profession was not perceived as being feminine. Aurélien Guichard, meanwhile, is a particularly prolific perfumer to whom we owe dozens of legendary juices. Both have therefore combined their talents here and thus created a scent that is both dark and seductive.

The very masculine and invigorating scent of the new Zadig & Voltaire

This is Him is a juice that immediately sounds like a slap. Indeed, it combines very energizing and particularly appreciable top notes daily. We recognize in particular the acidulous bitterness of grapefruit. What’s more, it is still heckled by the spicy presence of black pepper. Then, the vibrant intensity of This is Him continues in her heart thanks to the presence of incense. Nevertheless, the potency of this ingredient is nuanced by the sweet and warm addition of vanilla. Finally, This is Him gains more and more smoothness and smoothness until it leaves behind a trail containing sandalwood. Everything is thus very sassy, ​​masculine but sweet. In reality, the man from Zadig & Voltaire is therefore a tough guy with a tender heart.

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