The Colored Kit for your eyes from Guerlain


The Colored Kit for your eyes from Guerlain
The Colored Kit for your eyes from Guerlain

The Colored 2-in-1 Kit, the new essential tool for complete eye makeup

When it comes to makeup, what could be more elegant than a sublimely highlighted look? Do we not also say that it is the reflection of the soul? revealing your moods and your expressions, the look is an undeniable asset of seduction. Yes, but here it is, for the expected effect to be there, it is still necessary to know how to highlight it by wearing a refined make-up. To help you achieve this goal, Guerlain has put together several powders and application tools in one and the same small kit, to take with you everywhere. Focus on his new 2-in-1 Color Kit.

The Colorful 2-in-1 Kit, many tools in a small case

The Guerlain 2-in-1 Colored Kit is a nomadic makeup tool that fits very easily into any handbag. It comes in the form of a small golden rectangle, delicately engraved with the name of Guerlain. Despite its small size, Kit Coloré 2-in-1 actually hides many advantages. Inside this container hides many different makeup products. First of all, it displays a purple powder, divided into two different textures. One of them is darker and more matte. It serves to increase the depth of the gaze and give it more character. The other part of this powder, on the other hand, is shiny. It is also purple but gives more shine to makeup.

Combined together, these two compressed powders allow you to draw a nice gradient that matches all styles. You are then free to modulate it to make it more or less extravagant. The other whiter powder, on the other hand, is a highlighter. A particularly trendy product, it captures the surrounding light and deposits it on your eyelid. Immediately, your gaze becomes dazzling with freshness. Finally, a double applicator is provided to help you apply makeup like a professional.

How to apply the different powders of the Guerlain 2-in-1 Colored Kit?

First let’s start using the little bottle brush that is used to brush your eyebrows. Indeed, this part of the gaze is often neglected during makeup. Big mistake! Eyebrows are an integral part of the face and give makeup more personality. It is therefore necessary to take care of it! Then, thanks to the beveled tip of the Guerlain brush, it is necessary to apply the different powders. The matte powder contained in the Colored 2-in-1 Kit is applied to the entire eyelid. Nevertheless, we recommend that you accentuate its coverage in the crease of your eye. 3D effect guaranteed! In parallel, then apply the pearly shade to the base of your eyebrows. This gesture brings out the color of the eyes and makes them brighter. Finally, to enlarge the look, just finish your make-up by adding the highlighter under the brow bone.

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