The Chamade perfume by Guerlain


The Chamade perfume by Guerlain
The Chamade perfume by Guerlain

Chamade de Guerlain, the perfume of a woman in love

Chamade is a perfume that saw the light of day in 1969. Also, as its name suggests, this Guerlain essence is designed to arouse emotions. Thanks to her, our hearts race to the point of pounding. With him, it is about love and freedom. In short, it is a beautiful fragrance that already begins with a pretty name. It presents us with fruity notes, which for the time was particularly daring in the perfume sector. Chamade likes to juxtapose the different olfactory facets, thus creating a whole range of different sensations.

Chamade, the story of a novel turned into a perfume

At the beginning of the last century, the Chamade is the name of a drum rollwith which the General and his soldiers communicated. In this case, when a drum was pounding it meant that it was necessary to retreat. Then, in 1965, Chamade referred instead to the title of a novel by Françoise Sagan. The latter then told the story of a very liberated woman who did not hesitate to combine amorous conquests, willingly offering herself to anyone who would pass in her life. It is undoubtedly from there that moreover results the expression “to have the heart which pounding”. It also means losing control of your emotions and above all living them with passion. The reference is most often related to romantic feelings. Love then inhabits all our senses and they are completely upset.

Reason then gives way to our instincts and everything seems possible in order to live with the loved one. Also, this is precisely what it is about with the Chamade perfume. This one was imagined for a passionate woman who willingly listens to her heart. This is generous. Above all, she wants to share and especially to love. She is tender and has love to spare. After all, this perfume is perfectly anchored in the trend of the time. Let us not forget that he was born in 1969: an erotic year as Gainsbourg put it so well.

Guerlain opts for contrasts

Chamade is a fragrance that plays in duality. With him, Guerlain wanted to oppose contrasts. However, the architecture of this essence is the work of a great mastery and the opposites are juxtaposed to it wonderfully. Thus, the freshness of the head gradually gives way to a much warmer and more sensual base. Chamade’s flight is particularly fruity, a great first for the time. This fragrance immediately associates the blackcurrant bud with more exotic tones. Then the flowers take place. In particular, you can smell jasmine, ylang-ylang and especially Turkish rose. Thus, Chamade lets all her femininity explode. The background, meanwhile, becomes more vibrant and sensual. It is the perfect blend of vetiver, sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. This seductive fragrance gives birth to a fresh breath in the heart of intense heat, like a light breeze that would refresh the atmosphere of a crazy summer night.

The Chamade bottle is also very original. It represents an inverted heart whose glass seems streaked by the vibrations of feelings. Its cap, meanwhile, takes the shape of an arrow. Thus, the heart seems to have been touched at its center by Cupid himself. Both are then sealed together by a gold thread, as is the tradition at Guerlain.

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